If your furnace is running well but you hesitate to turn it on because of the racket that it causes, there is a problem. Your furnace is unlikely to ever be silent, but that doesn’t mean that it should be making noises that imitate noises you’d hear in a haunted house.

If your home has had the opposite of silent nights lately because you’ve been running your furnace heater, you may want to consider calling in a service technician to check things. We suggest this because, aside from those noises being annoying, they are a sign that something needs fixing within your furnace heating system.

If you are unsure whether the sounds you’ve been hearing are being caused by a furnace on the fritz, then allow us to offer you some clarity.

so, what noises should you be listening for that indicate that you should schedule furnace repair in Orem, UT? We have a few for you to consider.

Banging or Booming

Expanding and contracting ductwork can sometimes be the cause of bangs and booms within your home. However, if you could swear you heard the sound of a minor explosion occurring within your ventilation. you might not be wrong! If the burners within your furnace are dirty, it can delay their ignition and cause gas to build up which will make a loud bang when the burners finally light.

Clanking or Scraping

If you hear the sound of metal on metal, you will want to shut off your furnace quickly. Shutting your system down is a good idea because these sounds indicate an issue within your furnace’s blower motor, most likely with the fan. Allowing your system to turn off will stop more damage from being caused while you wait for an HVAC technician to arrive.


No, the ghost of Jacob Marley from “A Christmas Carol” isn’t haunting your home. Rather than ethereal chains, a rattling noise indicates that there is a loose screw or other loose parts within your furnace system. However, there is also a chance this rattling can be caused by a leak in your heat exchanger which is a dangerous issue. Your best option is to play it safe and schedule repairs with a certified pro soon.

Squealing or Screeching

Squealing or screeching sounds have a host of causes. These range from damaged blower motor belts to parts that need to be lubricated to another blower motor malfunction. The best option to address this noise is to have a professional HVAC technician come by for diagnosis and repairs.

Reliable Heater Services Close at Hand

Like we said, your furnace will never give you a truly silent night, but it is much easier to sleep through the calming whoosh of air being blown through your house and providing comforting warmth than it is to sleep through the jarring noises listed above. We know you need your rest and you likely aren’t a fan of having a noisy furnace. We want to help by letting you know that reliable and effective repairs are only a brief call or click away.


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