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Custom Comfort Consultation in Orem, UT

There are many different ways to heat, cool, circulate, condition, and clean your air, and it can feel a bit overwhelming to consider all of your options. Even worse, making a poor choice can cost you unnecessary time, money, energy and frustration in the future.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert to get clean, comfortable, custom air. Simply call Skylake Heating and Air | Utah Geothermal for a free Custom Comfort Consultation, and we will help you navigate your way through all of the options and select the best fit.

Schedule your free Custom Comfort Consultation with Skylake Heating and Air.

What is a Custom Comfort Consultation?

A Custom Comfort Consultation is an opportunity to learn more about yourself, your home, your comfort options, and to get professional advice on how to bring it all together. During your consultation, you will sit down with one of our experts to discuss the following:

Your System’s Performance and Potential Issues

  • Inefficiencies that are costing you money
  • Poor air quality and the causes
  • Insufficient heating, cooling, or air flow

Your Preferences & Options

  • Increasing efficiency and saving money
  • Improving air quality & comfort
  • Reducing environmental impact

Your Unique Custom Solutions

  • Based on you & your family
  • Based on your home needs
  • Based on your values

Why Get a Custom Comfort Consultation?

Take Control of Your Comfort

There is no need to feel intimidated, defeated or helpless about an underperforming comfort system. We’ll help you take back your control by listening to your needs, identifying operational issues, and offering solutions that fit you. After your consultation, you will feel confident in your ability to control your comfort.

Learn From an Expert

Often, by truly understand a problem, you already have half of the solution. During your consultation, our experts will take them time to teach you about your comfort system, the heating and cooling demands or your home, and the solutions that are available. After the consultation, you will feel better informed and able to make value-based decisions.

It’s Free With No Obligations

We believe that people have the right to clean, comfortable air, and we are confident that we can improve yours. We are eager to share our knowledge and help people apply it to their unique lives. During your free consultation, we will give you our honest opinion and best recommendations, but you should not feel pressured.

Learn More About Our Custom Solutions

Are you trying to save money on your utility bills? Does your household have allergies or asthma? Are you concerned about Utah’s air quality and the environment? Does your home feel safe, secure, and comfortable?

These are just a few areas in which your comfort system can be customized to your individual values. Learn more about our Custom Comfort Solutions that address these questions and more.

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Your Neighbors Chose Skylake

They did a great job. They did a good job of cleaning up and checking everything. They were very quick and knowledgeable.

- Kelly H

Great experience with these guys

- Sergey Z

The service was great! Our Technician, Adam, was friendly, fast and efficient. I'm confident about my A/C working for us now. :) Thank you!

- Maria H

I was very impressed. He was very quick and efficient. He cleaned everything very well and showed me what he had done and what we possibly need in the future.

- Natalie S

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