A malfunctioning heater may not seem like a big deal until it becomes apparent that it is. Yes, having inconsistent or nonexistent heat is annoying and can become dangerous for children or elderly individuals, but this doesn’t compare to the danger of a carbon monoxide leak or the potential for an explosion.

Yes, that escalated quickly, but we wanted to make sure we got the point across that putting off furnace repairs really isn’t the best of ideas.

While explosions are thankfully somewhat few and far between, ignoring the need for repairs does raise the risk that you will be faced with cold days filled with sporadic bursts of heat or no heat at all.

Not sure if you need repairs? Read on to find out what you should be looking for!

5 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs

  1. It Makes Loud Noises: Did you notice banging, rattling, or squealing the last time you ran your furnace heater? If you did, then you should reach out for repairs. Odd noises are an easy indicator that your system needs fixing.
  2. It Won’t Turn On Or Won’t Stay On: A heater that won’t turn on isn’t being stubborn, it is trying to signal for help. Similarly, if you get your system to turn on but it continuously short-cycles, then
  3. It Won’t Produce Warm Air: Did you enjoy a nicely warmed home the last time you turned on your furnace? Or did you stare at your vents in annoyance because the only thing they were blowing was tepid wind? A lack of warm air is an indicator that your heater can’t do its job properly and needs repairs.
  4. You’ve Noticed Water Around It: If you saw a strange puddle or dampness when you checked your furnace last, this could mean there is a leak in your humidifier or your condensate drain line. Leaks should be seen to as soon as possible.
  5. Your CO Detector Keeps Going Off: Many of us might see this as a sign our detector needs new batteries. However, we urge you to take a closer look. If it is a high-level detector, turn off your furnace immediately and open the windows as this means your system has a serious leak. If it is a low-level monitor, you have a less serious leak but it still needs to be taken care of ASAP.

Why Do It Now

As we mentioned above, the results of unaddressed furnace repairs can range from inconvenient and uncomfortable to straight-up deadly. Repairs can also get costly the longer they are left. The sooner you see to your heater’s repair needs the better!

Only Schedule Repairs With a Pro

If you need furnace repair in Orem, UT, make sure you are reaching out to professionals like those at Skylake Heating & Air. Only a fully-trained technician will know how to properly and safely identify and repair the problems with your furnace.


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