Springtime Indoor Air Quality Triple Play:  Scrub, Filter, Humidify…and Why

What is the springtime triple threat to your comfort actually is, and why it makes sense to use advanced technology to make this the most comfortable, highest quality spring season yet.

Whether it’s annoying springtime “seasonal allergies,” dry, dusty unhealthy air, or more menacing viruses and bacteria, springtime can be a mix of new beginnings and new challenges with the air we breathe. Sometimes called the spring “triple threat,” unwanted elements in the air come in the form of microbes, contaminants, and wide humidity fluctuations. 

This spring, get a handle on the triple threat with a triple play quality technology solution that addresses each element of healthy, comfortable air. Properly scrubbing, filtering, and humidifying the air in your home are the keys to creating ideal indoor air quality.

Here’s a quick summary of what each element means, and how today’s air quality technology can address it.

Air Scrubbing

What: Many microorganisms are airborne and spread through the ducts in your heating/cooling system into the air you breathe, and landing on surfaces throughout your home.

Why Scrubbers Help: Air scrubbers can provide high levels of protection against airborne microorganisms and contaminants, both in the air AND on the hard surfaces throughout your home.

  • Effective against both bacterial and viral microorganisms such as MRSA, staph, strep, e-Coli, listeria, swine flu, bird flu, Hepatitis A, norovirus, bacillus, pseudomonas, and more.
  • Distributes a protective layer on surfaces throughout your home. You get disinfection without having to physically scrub. Independent testing verifies more than 99% reduction in harmful surface contaminants within 24 hours.
  • NASA-certified**. Proven effective in the International Space Station, hospitals, schools, hotels, and millions of homes.

Air Filtering

What: Contaminants, dust, pollen, mold, mildew, and other particles that may enter your home are circulated by the heating/cooling system unless they are filtered out. Many homeowners unknowingly rely on inexpensive fiberglass filters that inadequate in filtering out many of these small particles.

Why HEPA Filters Help: HEPA filters have the highest filtration capacity, capable of removing up to 97% of airborne contaminants. They also have a longer lifespan than other filter types.

Air Humidifying

What: Numerous studies have shown that humidity in the 30% – 60% range is ideal for optimum human health, as well as protecting natural building materials in homes. In Utah, humidity is more often int the 15% – 25% range. 

How Whole-House Humidifiers Help: Adding a humidifying solution to your heating/cooling system will help maintain the “healthy range” of humidity that will help protect your health and the beauty of your home. This video explains how: https://www.skylakeheatingandair.com/air-quality/#clean

Best Springtime Ever

In the midst of an otherwise turbulent year, make spring 2020 the most comfortable, healthy, and safe your family has enjoyed. Our exclusive Triple Play solution provides leading technology solutions in each of the three key comfort areas, installed directly into your current heating/cooling system at a significantly discounted special package price.

Click for more details on our Spring 2020 Triple Play and start enjoying quality comfort in your home today.


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