Quality Of Your Life

Quality air comfort goes far beyond heating, cooling and conditioning the air in your home. Our focus on the total quality of your life and the Quality Cycle encompass those factors that most impact your quality of life beyond the metal boxes in the basement.

Planet Earth

We are committed to providing the best knowledge, expertise and technology to help preserve our precious planet.

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Stress-Free, Trusted Service

No gimmicks, no high pressure. Just expert, quality service you can depend on.

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Happy Budget

High quality means lower cost over time. Surprised? Check it out.

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Installation & Maintenance

You can rest easy knowing your system is installed and maintained to the highest quality standards.

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A total quality approach includes focus on trusted service and maintenance, smart budgeting (without the high-pressure up-selling), and sensitivity to caring for our planet – which translates to peace of mind for you.

Our Annual and Preferred Membership Maintenance Plans provide the highest-quality, lowest-cost way to ensure your comfort systems operate trouble-free for years to come.

Check out our track record in helping the planet, building trust and helping balance tight family budgets. 

Stress-Free, Trusted Service

Some things in life are hard to put a price tag on. Total peace of mind regarding your air comfort is one of those that should be available to everyone. Not worrying about things breaking, no cringing and scrambling to find a service you can trust in an emergency.


Just total comfort, total trust, total peace of mind. That’s Skylake Total Quality of Your Life.

Family enjoying their family time at home

They were very courteous, professional and answered all the questions I had about the new humidified they installed.

Randall Sutton

Will did a great job replacing our humidifier canister, and servicing our air scrubber purifier. He was quick, answered all of our questions and put us on a maintenance schedule so we can keep our system working and performing optimally from here on.

Jessica W.

I really liked working with this company. We had two other companies come out and try to charge us 20K for a new heating and AC unit. Skylake beat their pricing by far and was very fair.


Will and Helaman were fantastic to work with and kind and professional! They provided excellent customer service and went above and beyond to make sure my heating system was all working correctly when they left.

Stacy H.

I love their technicians. They are so helpful and friendly. They always come out quickly when I need work or service done.

Kelly S.

I have used this company for years and they are the BEST. I out my own reputation on the line and refer them to all my friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers.

Brett B.

Skylake has been great to work with. We had a small issue with our furnace which turned out to be more user error than anything. They were extremely prompt in getting someone out to take a look at it, fix the issue, and educate me on how to handle it in the future.

Lee P.

Fantastic experience with them today. I had an issue with my furnace and they initially told me they wouldn’t be able to come fix it for a few days. Then they called back and said they had a technician who was willing to come all the way from Park City to help me out.

Taylor E.

Skylake was able to get a technician to our home within 24 hours. Will Torres, our technician, was very knowledgeable and professional in his diagnosis and solution. He was courtesy and friendly.

Alan B.

Installation and Maintenance

Skylake team

Stress-free living extends to the installation and maintenance of your heating and cooling systems.


Our installation experts are unrivaled in the industry, with specialized training and years of highly successful projects in both new and existing residential as well as commercial sites.

Maintenance & Repairs

Consistent, professional maintenance is key to achieving total quality and cost savings for your air comfort systems.

Our Annual and Preferred Membership Maintenance Plans offer highly cost-effective pathways to years of trouble-free operation of your heating and cooling systems. 

Happy Budget

A total quality cycle approach has proven over and over to deliver the lowest-cost solution for quality air comfort over the life of your home. While it often seems counter-intuitive, the cost is typically ONE HALF of the cost of a cheap, break-and-fix approach. 

Check out this detailed example of the savings possibilities.

Father playing with daughter

Planet Earth

Our commitment to helping our planet is an integral part of our Quality Cycle approach to everything we do. From geothermal, to high efficiency systems, to expert maintenance that keeps equipment performing at highest efficiency/lowest emissions levels, we partner with you to ensure we preserve this beautiful earth for generations to come.