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New Construction in Orem

Skylake Heating & Air - New Construction

For the right sort, overseeing the construction of your own home, or a significant expansion of your existing one, can be a thrilling prospect. It gives you the chance to build the house of your dreams: your kitchen, your bedrooms, your bathrooms and your living room, all created exactly as you wished. But all of that requires a lot of hard work, and more importantly, it means contracting the best qualified professionals you can find to handle the HVAC needs of your new home.

Enter Skylake Heating & Air. Here in Orem, UT, we have a wealth of experience handling the installation of new heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality systems. More importantly, we focus on add-ons for existing systems, and for installing brand new systems in a new home. That gives us the confidence and the technical skills we need to help bring your dream home to life, as well as maintaining and repairing it in the years to come to help you maximize enjoyment of your home. Give us a call today, and let us put our skills to work on your new construction project!

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Building from Scratch Takes Expertise

When you build your own home from the ground up, you have an infinite number of options to choose from. But you also have to weigh your visionary desires with the practical needs of square footage, duct placement, efficiency and general comfort. The bulk of these difficulties can be ironed out in the planning stages, but it takes a trained professional to point you the right way. In Orem, UT, Skylake Heating & Air has the expertise to combine your ideals for new construction with the practical necessities of a functioning home, ensuring that you have the best of both worlds and can fully enjoy your new home.

It Comes Down to System Design

Installation is one thing, but in order for your new construction to have the right HVAC system, you need to make sure your system is perfectly designed. That means onsite inspections, measurements, and working hand–in–hand with both you and your contractor to get the details right. With the plan in place—every "i" dotted and "t" crossed—you can then proceed confidently with your new construction.

Home Expansions Rely on Professionals

If you’re adding on to an existing home instead of focusing entirely on new construction of a home, the challenges differ slightly. In all likelihood, you have an existing HVAC system that needs to expand into the new construction, and how you want to handle it will play a big role in how your new expansion will look. In some cases, you may simply wish to expand the ductwork of your current system, though that won’t account for the increased workload your air conditioner will take on. In others, a new ductless unit may be the perfect fit for you. In Orem, UT, Skylake Heating & Air will work with builders and owners alike to ensure that your home expansion is perfect!

Look Beyond Installation with New Construction

Putting the right HVAC system in place is vitally important to the comfort and practical livability of your new home, and with our winters here in Orem, you definitely need professional installation. But your service provide should go beyond that: ensuring that the system is maintained over the years and that someone will be on call to take care of any repairs that may crop up. And if you trust the professional who installed the system — and thus has experience with it — then it makes sense to get all of those details taken care of when you’re first setting up your new system.

Trust Skylake Heating & Air Every Step of the Way

We don’t believe in half measures at Skylake Heating & Air, and we don’t walk away from our customers after installation is complete. Not only will we work with you through every stage of your new construction to ensure that your HVAC system is designed and installed the right way, but we’ll be there for annual maintenance sessions, repair works and the eventual replacement of the system when its race is finally run. We service homes throughout Orem, UT and we’re dedicated to leaving every one of our customers satisfied with the job we do. Pick up the phone to get the process started!