$49 Heating/Air Service Call?

Let’s Get Real!

What's the Catch?

Everyone likes to get a great deal. But nobody likes to get ripped off. So how do you tell the difference? 

Start with common sense: if it sounds too good to be true, it is. There’s always a hidden catch in there. 

Think about it.

Companies do what they do to make a profit. It’s not a hobby. So let’s get real. $49 for a service call doesn’t even cover the cost of driving the truck to your house, much less paying a certified, expert technician to assess and repair your system.

Get Real

So let’s get real about what you’re going to get and stop hoping this company is somehow different. It’s not. They will use one of three tactics to make money on your $49 call:

#1. Pizza Delivery Guy Bait and Switch

With this popular approach, your $49 barely-qualified technician (who may have been delivering pizzas last week)  takes a quick look at your system and tells you there are problems that one of their experts needs to analyze and discuss with you. You get set up for the hard-sell upsell. And your system doesn’t get fixed.

#2. Hard-Sell Upsell

The ‘sales technician’ shows up, does an inspection and goes to work selling you upgrades, extras and even furnace or air conditioning replacements that you may or may not actually need. If they don’t sell you something, they will lose money on the $49 call. So brace yourself. You know it’s coming.

#3. ‘Get What You Pay For’ Cheap Repair

Your $49 junior technician does a cursory inspection, and attempts a repair that doesn’t really fix the problem. You’re out $49 and still have a non-working system.

Let's Get Real
Silver water furnace
Skylake owner

Get Real: Real Quality, Real Value

At Skylake Heating and Air, our 25 year reputation for the highest quality HVAC installation and service is built on being real with customers: real quality and real value

Our Get Real service calls are value priced to always deliver the highest quality and value for the dollar without the gimmicks. 

  • You get a highly qualified, certified and trained professional technician who completes a rigorous 30 point inspection utilizing the latest diagnostic equipment and years of experience.
  •  You get an honest, written evaluation and recommendations based on what was discovered. 
  • You get value-based options without the hard-sell upsell. 
  • You get a repair that resolves the problem and gives you peace of mind for those hot – or cold – days ahead.

Do Yourself a Favor: At Least Get a Second Opinion

If you honestly believe that a $49 deal can work for you, at least call us for a second opinion. We can provide a professional evaluation that will give you a trusted reference point for your decision before investing large amounts of money into repair or system replacement. 

Let's Get Real
Professionals explaining air quality product

Let’s Get Real!

Don’t get stuck with compromised quality or a high-pressure sales situation that you know is coming. Get real quality and real value from a company you know you can trust.

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