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Heat Recovery Ventilators in Orem

Skylake Heating & Air - Heat Recovery Ventilators

We have our share of cold winters in Orem, UT. They may lack the ferocity of Minnesota or Maine, but they make up for it with their quiet constancy. A good heater is an ideal solution to fighting those cold days, but your heater is often only as good as the energy efficiency of your home. If your house has double-paned windows, copious insulation and the like, it’s going to stay warmer more easily than one without. And a big trump card in all of that is the presence of a heat recovery ventilator, which freshens the air in your home while removing the strain on your heating system.

Skylake Heating & Air has the credentials and experience to perform first-class installation of heat recovery ventilators in your Orem, UT home. With them, you’ll notice a huge improvement in your energy efficiency, allowing you to cut down on those bills ad help your indoor air quality in the bargain. But we can also keep your system serviced to help it perform at its best, and if repairs are needed, we can be there in a flash. Set up an appointment with one of our trained staff today!

For heat recovery ventilators in Orem, UT, call upon Skylake Heating & Air to help!

Installing Your Heat Recovery Ventilator

Heat recovery ventilators are usually installed in your attic, where the hot air rises and can get sucked out for your home if you’re not careful. The system uses a pair of vents — one connected to the outside and one connected to the inside — along with fans to blow air through them. A heat exchange core facilitates a temperature transfer from the hot air moving out of your home to the cool air coming in. The core warms the latter with the heat from the former, all without the two air streams touching each other. It’s a remarkable system and when installed by the folks at Skylake Heating & Air, can make an amazing difference in your life.

How Do I Benefit from Heat Recovery Ventilation?

The benefits of heat recovery ventilation systems start with the heater itself. Some studies estimate that up to 85% of your household heat can be retained with this system (depending upon specifics). Even at a fraction of that number, you can see big savings in your monthly heating bill and an attendant reduction in the frequency of repair calls. The system also keeps the quality of your indoor air high, reducing the growth of germs and bacteria and helping your household feel fresher without having to open a window during our cold Orem, UT winters.

Skylake Heating & Air Can Save You Energy

It all starts when you contact the professionals at Skylake Heating & Air for a consultation. We’ll take a look at your home and make recommendations for the best system for you. We perform installation with dedication and pride, ensuring that your new HRV functions as efficiently as you expect it to. And when servicing is needed or repair crop up, we’ll come to your Orem, UT home to make it right. Give us a call today to get the ball rolling. You’ll be glad you did!