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Dehumidifiers in Orem

Skylake Heating & Air - Dehumidifier

Summers in Orem, UT can be muggy as well as hot, and that mugginess can slip into your home if you’re not careful. High humidity can be just as damaging to your comfort levels as high temperatures. Even worse, it can lead to illness with your family, as well as fostering the growth of germs and bacteria. The good news is that your air conditioner does a little dehumidifying simply by doing its job. You can give it a big boot by having the pros at Skylake Heating & Air install a whole-house dehumidifier. With it in place, you’ll lose that clammy gross feeling you may have on muggy summer days, and your household will be a lot happier and healthier as a result. We also repair malfunctioning dehumidifiers and perform regular service calls on them to ensure that they work the way they should. If you could benefit from such a system, then don’t hesitate to call us!

Trust Skylake Heating & Air for installing, servicing and repairing dehumidifiers in Orem, UT.

How High Humidity Affects You

Humidity is measured by a percentage called relative humidity that gauges the amount of moisture in the air. Whenever that number rise above 50%, there’s too much moisture in the air to allow the sweat to evaporate off of your skin easily, which is the natural process by which your body keeps cool. It means that you’ll feel hotter than it is. Furthermore, your sweat stays on your skin, giving you that awful clammy feeling. And the high levels of moisture can damage the furnishings, as well as encouraging the growth of mold and bacteria.

Dehumidifiers to the Rescue!

A dehumidifier works in a manner similar to an air conditioner. Namely, it lowers the temperature of the air, which coalesces the moisture into beads of liquid that it then collects in a condensation pan. The process is very similar to the formation of dew in the morning (which, after all, takes place in the coolest hours of the day). A whole–house humidifier uses the circulation in your HVAC ducts to move the dried air through your home, slowly lowering the relative humidity levels and reducing the unpleasant effects. Not only will your home feel more pleasant, but your family will run fewer risks of illnesses since mold and other creepy–crawlies don’t have any moist air to breed in anymore.

Air Conditioners Benefit Too

At Skylake Heating & Air, we know that air conditioners aren’t meant to double as dehumidifiers, and that excess humidity can place a lot of strain on them. A whole–house dehumidifier not only reduces the strain on them (thus lowering your monthly energy bills), but also lowers the risk of a repair session being needed, and can even extend the life of your system with regular use. Orem, UT gets its share of high humidity, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it in your home. We handle installation, repair and servicing of all kinds of whole–house dehumidifiers. Skylake Heating & Air has the ability to put the problem to rest for you, so contact us today!