New Testing Confirms Air Scrubber Destroys Over 99% of Coronavirus Contamination – Both Airborne and on Surfaces

The holidays are just around the corner, but for most of us, the celebrations will be different than in years past. This year will require special care to help rein in the pandemic that continues to plague our world.

One of the most effective ways to keep your family safe his season is to make sure COVID viruses aren’t circulating in the air in your home along with the holiday cheer. And one of the most effective ways to kill airborne viruses is with advanced air scrubber technology.

Recent lab testing confirms that the Air Scrubber by Aerus is more than 99% effective in destroying the novel coronavirus, the source of COVID-19. The proprietary ActivePure® Technology uses light waves and a catalytic process to produce scrubber ions and hydro peroxides that destroy coronavirus contaminants on surfaces and in the air. 

The scrubber has been the gold standard in air purification technology for many years, having been certified and used in a number of highly demanding applications – such as thousands of hospitals, schools, hotels and on the International Space Station – as well as millions of homes worldwide. 

Kills Viruses in the Air and on Surfaces

Besides killing airborne viruses, the scrubber ions and hydro peroxides are distributed through the HVAC system as a protective layer on surfaces throughout the structure, providing disinfection without the need to physically scrub. 99% disinfection is achieved in 6 hours in a safe, simple way without endangering humans or pets with harsh solvents or cleaning solutions. The ions and hydro peroxides are 100% safe for humans and animals.

Previous independent lab testing has verified these additional benefits:

  • 99% effective against both bacterial and viral microorganisms such as MRSA, staph, strep, e-Coli, listeria, swine flu, bird flu, Hepatitis A, norovirus, bacillus, pseudomonas, and more.
  • Removes VOCs, odors, dust, pet dander, and other allergens
  • Installs directly into existing ductwork
  • Prevents dust build up in heating and cooling systems
  • Creates a cleaner and safer environment

Fortunately, these new, highly effective devices are now available for homeowners and small businesses at highly affordable prices. They install in existing HVAC systems without the need for extensive and expensive additions and changes to current systems and ductwork.

Keep the holiday spirit flowing this season, but also keep your family and workers healthy during this trying COVID-19 pandemic, and for many years into the future with clean, decontaminated air. Call today for a free estimate, and to take advantage of end of year holiday offers.



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