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Radiant Heating Services in Orem, UT

Heating systems that directly heat the air can have some unintended consequences that commonly irritate homeowners: dry air, nosebleeds, static, circulation of airborne particles, and hot or cold spots. Radiant heat is an elegant solution that many Utah residents are choosing to combat these challenges.  Proper sizing, design, and equipment selection is essential for optimal performance of radiant systems. Therefore, only trust experts like ours at Skylake to design and install your radiant heat. 

Radiant System Benefits: 

  • Won’t kick up dust or air particles, and can help relieve allergies

  • Helps maintain humidity in the air and reduces static

  • Even distribution of heat throughout home

  • Easily zoned

Heat Sources:

  • Hydronic systems fueled by natural gas

  • Hydronic systems fueled by geothermal

  • Electric cables installed directly on subflooring or in cement


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Your Neighbors Chose Skylake

Skylake’s employee was very professional. He explained the job to be done and provided helpful information to maintain our units running efficiently.

- Lilly J

The service was great! Our Technician, Adam, was friendly, fast and efficient. I'm confident about my A/C working for us now. :) Thank you!

- Maria H

They did a great job. They did a good job of cleaning up and checking everything. They were very quick and knowledgeable.

- Kelly H

Skylake Heating and Air has done an excellent job for us

- Jon S

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