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Electric Furnace Services in Orem, UT

For some homeowners, natural gas is not available nor the best option. Fortunately, electric furnaces provide many of the same results with some added benefits. Trust the professionals at Skylake to install, maintain, repair, and replace your electric furnace.

How an Electric Furnace Works

Electric furnaces convert electrical current into heat using large heating coils. The heating coils are large, thick metal pieces located in the plenum of the furnace. These coils have extremely high electrical resistance, and the higher the resistance the more current is thrown off as heat. The heat rises into the air flow generated by the air handler and is circulated throughout the house.

Why Choose an Electric Furnace? 

  • Electricity is readily available, even when gas is not.

  • Generally costs less to install and maintain.

  • Many advancements in technology have made electric furnaces more efficient.

  • Variable speeds are available to increase efficiency & comfort

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Other Resources

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  • Why Choose Skylake? Because we are committed to your long-term comfort and satisfaction. See our "Why Us" page to learn what makes us different.

Your Neighbors Chose Skylake

The Skylake technician that came to our home was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. He was on time in the window we had set up and got the tune up done.

- Melody P

I've had other contractors comment how good Skylake's work looks

- Todd G

Skylake’s employee was very professional. He explained the job to be done and provided helpful information to maintain our units running efficiently.

- Lilly J

The service was great! Our Technician, Adam, was friendly, fast and efficient. I'm confident about my A/C working for us now. :) Thank you!

- Maria H

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