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Gas Line Services in Orem

Skylake Heating & Air - Gas Lines

Having natural gas in your home is very convenient, and can be very appealing to many homeowners. However, adding natural gas to your home isn’t just a quick connection. There is an entire process that has to be followed, including having permits and using licensed plumbers to handle the job. In fact, it is regional law that a licensed plumber must perform the work.

The plumbing experts at Skylake Heating & Air have over ten years’ worth of experience providing gas line services to customers in the Orem, UT area. We will secure the permits, work with the gas company and local inspectors, and make sure that your gas piping is installed safely and securely. Do you have concerns that your gas pipe may need repair or replacement? We can help with that, too.

When you need professional and safe gas line services in Orem, UT, call Skylake Heating & Air!

What Kinds of Benefits Does Natural Gas Offer?

Why is natural gas such a popular fuel choice for many households? Here are some of the reasons our customers have opted for gas line services:

It’s very convenient
Once your home is hooked up to natural gas, you have around–the–clock access to the fuel, and you never have to worry about managing fuel deliveries or running out.
It can be used for multiple appliances
Even if your initial motivation for bringing natural gas into your home was for a heating system or other single item, it can be used for multiple appliances once the gas is connected to your home.
It’s the cleanest of all the fossil fuels
Natural gas burns the cleanest out of all the fossil fuels, including oil, propane, and diesel.

Signs Your Gas Pipe Needs Repair

Clearly a gas leak is a very serious situation and one that needs to be attended to immediately. However, with gas pipes buried in your yard, it can sometimes be difficult to detect when a problem has developed. Here are some signs of which to stay aware:

Dying vegetation in specific areas of your yard
Leaking gas will kill anything around it. If there are odd patches of dying vegetation in your yard when the rest of your property is fine, it’s time to have one of our plumbing experts take a look at your gas line.
Rotten egg smell
Natural gas is odorless, but for safety purposes a distinct scent close to the smell of rotten eggs is added to it. If you catch a whiff of this scent around the natural gas appliances in your home or immediately outside your home, call for help right away.
Hissing sound
Natural gas is under pressure, so if there is a weak joint in a pipe or a faulty valve, the gas escaping through it will hiss as it passes through.

There’s no need to have a stressful gas pipe installation or service call when you have the plumbing pros from Skylake Heating & Air on your side. Let us keep your natural gas flowing safely!