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Fireplace Restoration Services in Orem

Skylake Heating & Air - Gas Fireplace Restoration

Fireplaces can last a long time, depending on what they’re made of. There are fireplaces in this country that date all the way back to the Revolutionary War, which could probably still be used with a bit of repair. More modern gas fireplaces are a bit less long-lived, but can still last many decades with proper care and maintenance. Unfortunately, no matter how well you take care of your fireplace, it won’t last forever. There comes a point when simple spot repairs aren’t going to cut it. If your fireplace is starting to look and act a little run-down, call Skylake Heating & Air today and schedule an appointment. No matter what condition your fireplace is in, we can help you out. We’ll restore your fireplace to the best possible condition.

Skylake Heating & Air provides fireplace restoration services near Orem, UT and throughout the Wasatch Front.

Why Fireplace Restoration is Necessary

There comes a point when, no matter how well you took care of your fireplace, it just isn’t up to the task anymore. With gas fireplaces, that often means that the wear and tear on the burner assembly becomes so great that it doesn’t work all that well anymore. When something like an HVAC system reaches a similar point, people simply replace it. That isn’t necessary with fireplaces. Instead, we can restore them to proper function by replacing the parts of the system that are no longer capable of performing. This allows you to resume using your fireplace on a regular basis again, without having to replace the entire thing. Restoring the outer façade of the fireplace is another common tactic, as years of use can sometimes make it a bit of an eyesore.

What Does Fireplace Restoration Entail?

Fireplace restoration procedure depends entirely on the individual needs of each fireplace. To start with, we take a look at the structure of the fireplace. If the façade, chimney, flue, and all the other basic parts of the system need care or replacement, we’ll take care of it. If not, we move on to the more complex parts. Things like the gas line and burner assembly tend to be most susceptible to wear and tear. Things like carbon buildup can be a real problem for these parts, and there comes a point where a simple tune up won’t work. No need to worry, though. These parts can be replaced relatively easily. We won’t know just what part of your fireplace needs restoration until we have had the opportunity to examine it closely.

We Offer Complete Fireplace Restoration Services

If you have your fireplace for long enough, especially if you’ve inherited one that’s old already, you’re eventually going to need fireplace restoration services. When that happens, call Skylake Heating & Air. We offer a full range of fireplace restoration services throughout Orem, UT. No matter what condition your fireplace is in, we can restore it for you. Just give us a call and we’ll send a technician over to inspect your system. Don’t resign yourself to owning a fireplace that doesn’t work correctly, or that doesn’t look as good as you want it to. Let us provide you with a fireplace you can be proud of.