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Fireplaces in Orem

Skylake Heating & Air - Gas Fireplaces

Despite all of the advances in heating technology over the past century, fireplaces are still quite popular. Millions of homes across the country contain fireplaces of all different kinds, with gas fireplaces being the most popular. A gas fireplace can keep you just as warm as any other heating system, with added aesthetic value, to boot. If you’re in the market for a new heating system, a gas fireplace might be the perfect thing for you. We install, repair, maintain, and replace gas fireplaces throughout Orem, UT. Call today with any questions, or to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians. We’ll set you up with a fireplace that will provide your home with both warmth and aesthetic value. Read on for more information.

Skylake Heating & Air provides fireplace services near Orem, UT and throughout the Wasatch Front.

Why You Need Professional Fireplace Services

Installing a fireplace is not something that should be attempted by anyone without professional experience. As you might imagine, there’s quite a lot of construction work involved. If you need a fireplace installed in your home, give us a call today. We also offer professional repair and maintenance services. It’s important that you schedule fireplace maintenance at least once a year in order to keep yours as healthy as possible. You should also schedule repairs any time you suspect a problem.

Common Fireplace Problems

There are a number of fireplace problems that you should watch out for. The biggest is carbon buildup on the burner assembly. All fireplaces are incomplete combustion systems. That means that there are always waste materials left over after burning fuel. With gas fireplaces, one of the biggest leftover substances is carbon molecules. Carbon molecules can build up on the burner assembly over time. If it isn’t cleared off on a regular basis, the carbon molecules will cause delayed ignition and eventually prevent it completely. Problems like this can only be dealt with by a professional.

Call us for Your Fireplace Needs

If you need a fireplace installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, call Skylake Heating & Air today. We can take care of all of your fireplace needs. Gas fireplaces are an effective and efficient way to warm your home. If you are looking to enjoy an outdoor fireplace, check out our gas fire pits. If you aren’t sure whether or not a fireplace could benefit your home, give us a call. We’ll help you determine which gas fireplace is right for you.

Fireplace Cleaning

Fireplaces need to be cleaned on a regular basis, in order to prevent the kinds of issues like carbon buildup mentioned above. We offer a full range of fireplace cleaning services throughout Orem, UT. Schedule fireplace cleaning services at least once a year, and we’ll make sure that it operates at full potential.

Fireplace Inspection

Fireplace problems can be tricky to diagnose unless you closely inspect the fireplace itself, and you know exactly what you’re looking for. As we don’t recommend that you stick your head up your chimney, call and we’ll do it instead. We offer a full range of fireplace inspection services.

Fireplace Restoration

Fireplaces can last a very long time, but they aren’t eternal. If you already have a fireplace that’s in poor condition, don’t despair. We can help you out. We offer comprehensive fireplace restoration services throughout Orem, UT. Skylake Heating & Air can get your old fireplace back to pristine condition in no time.