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Geothermal Products in Orem, UT

The quality of any geothermal comfort system largely depends on the quality of equipment and products that are installed. With substandard equipment, even the best designed and installed system will fall short of its full potential. To be truly confident in your geothermal system, select products from an established manufacturer with a great reputation.

That is why Utah Geothermal offers WaterFurnace brand geothermal products to the Utah area.  WaterFurnace has been the most recognized and respected name in the industry for nearly three decades. At Utah Geothermal, we combine our comprehensive geothermal services with WaterFurnace's commitment to quality products - that’s the best of both worlds!

Trust Utah Geothermal to install and service WaterFurnace products.

What Makes Geothermal Products Unique?

If the earth loop is the heart of a geothermal system, the following products are the brain, eyes, ears, and hands. These items allow you to customize and control the geothermal system to your needs and preferences. Proper sizing and selection of these products is essential for optimal performance of your geothermal system, so consult a professional as you consider your options.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

The geothermal heat pump is where the magic happens-at least it can seem like magic. In actuality, it is a scientific process of compressing and transferring heat from one medium to another and vice versa. The way you would like to utilize the power of this process (or magic, if you prefer) will determine the type of heat pump you select. Learn more about geothermal heat pumps and their many uses.

Symphony Home Comfort

The Symphony Home Comfort Platform is the brain of this operation. It monitors your geothermal comfort system, provides feedback on energy usage, alerts you and your geothermal service company (Utah Geothermal) to issues, and give you control over your system setting from anywhere with applications for smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Geothermal Accessories

Geothermal accessories from WaterFurnace Improve the comfort levels in your home even more, and in some cases allow you to expand the functions of your existing geothermal system. There are many ways to enjoy your geothermal comfort system and many benefits to be explored. Learn how to customize your geothermal comfort system with geothermal accessories.

Learn More About These WaterFurnace Products

Download Geothermal Residential Product Line Brochure from WaterFurnace.

Your Neighbors Chose Skylake

Skylake was awesome! They came out right away, got the job done fast, and were very courteous. Thanks for the great service!

- Charity R

Great company! I will highly recommend them to family and friends as well as use them for any future heating and air needs. The serviceman was very thorough.

- Carrie R

The service was great! Our Technician, Adam, was friendly, fast and efficient. I'm confident about my A/C working for us now. :) Thank you!

- Maria H

Skylake’s employee was very professional. He explained the job to be done and provided helpful information to maintain our units running efficiently.

- Lilly J

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