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Commercial Humidifiers in Orem

Skylake Heating & Air - Commercial Humidifier

One of the most problematic aspects of any indoor space is its air quality. We’re not talking about temperature, though that inevitably has an effect on the overall comfort of the building or office. We’re talking about the relatively humidity within the space. You might think that this just matches whatever is going on outside the exterior walls, and while that’s at least partially true, your indoor air also has its own climate, being separated from the outdoors by various types of materials and insulating layers.

For many owners of commercial spaces, a humidifier makes a lot of sense. This is a device that allows you to adjust the moisture content in the air automatically by means of a humidistat. It works as part of your overall HVAC system, and we can make sure that it works well for years to come. While we do not install or replace commercial humidifiers, we can repair or maintain yours as necessary. Just let us know what your HVAC or indoor air quality components need, and we’ll be right over.

For commercial humidifier services in the greater Orem, UT, call Skylake Heating & Air today.

Is Dry Air a Problem in Your Space?

It should go without saying that everyone’s indoor air quality preferences are different, and depending on the type of commercial space you operate, you may even have to consider your product inventory when making the decision to adjust the humidity. But you should know the signs that dry air is negatively affecting your employees, customers and/or tenants.

For example, while the most comfortable range is anywhere between 30% and 60% relative humidity, dry air can produce discomfort for your customers. It can make the air seem hard to breathe and it will produce dry skin and scalp. This is obviously a consideration for your employees as well. Another detriment to dry air in the commercial space is an inability to keep that space warm. Without sufficient moisture in the air, heating simply costs more.

We Service Commercial Humidifiers

You can rely on our team for all of your commercial humidifier service needs in the greater Orem, UT area. That means we both repair and maintain humidifiers of various make and models. While you may not think of your commercial IAQ devices as needing service, they will eventually. Keep an eye out for signs that your humidifier is no longer functioning just as it ought to.

For example, you may find that dry air in your space has suddenly returned and you can’t really figure out why. Moreover, you may find that your space is too humid, which means that your device is humidifying too much. This is obviously a serious problem because it can result in discomfort, the proliferation of biological contaminants and a number of other issues related to the structure of your space, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today so that we can service your commercial humidifier in Orem, UT. We can have your system back up and running in no time at all.