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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in Orem

Skylake Heating & Air - Commercial Indoor Air Quality

What is the status of your commercial indoor air quality? Is it excessively stuffy? Does it feel as though your air is too humid or not humid enough? When it comes to commercial IAQ improvements, you’ll want to hire an expert to get the job done. Keep in mind that while we do not install or replace commercial HVAC equipment, we can take care of your existing systems should they break down or require maintenance. All you have to do is get in touch with us for a consultation. Don’t put your business at risk with discomfort and stagnant air. Let the pros on our team do what they do best.

Reach out to our team today for all of your commercial indoor air quality service needs in Orem, UT.

Signs that Your Indoor Air Quality Needs Work

Taking care of your indoor air quality needs is something that we do. While we don’t install or replace new equipment, we can diagnose any problems that you may be having with your existing dehumidifier, humidifier or air purifier. We can also make sure that your ductwork is clean with our air duct cleaning service in Orem. We’re here for you whenever you need us.

Common Reasons to Call for Commercial Indoor Air Quality Service

Considering just how much you have going on during a day at the office or at your restaurant, it’s important to rely on professionals to take care of your commercial HVAC equipment. That includes any commercial IAQ devices that you may have installed within your ductwork, including humidifiers, dehumidifiers as well as air purifiers. It’s always best to hire a professional to install such equipment.

But if you find that your commercial IAQ devices have failed to provide you with what you need—whether because they have broken down, or they don’t seem to be operating efficiently—then just let us know. We can make certain that your devices are restored to full effectiveness. If you’re at all concerned about the air quality at your business, then please get in touch.

Commercial Air Purifier

A commercial air purifier makes for an excellent upgrade to your business. We can make sure that your device works well for many years. Taking control of the air that you breathe inside the building has never been easier. Portable units simply do not compare. We repair and maintain them.

Commercial Dehumidifier

If you’re having difficulty with the amount of moisture in your air, then you may want to rely on more than just your air conditioner or a portable dehumidifier. We service commercial dehumidifiers throughout the Orem area, meaning that we can take care of your repair and maintenance needs.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Keeping your air ducts clean is not easy considering how large and extensive your duct network is. You will often have to contend with the buildup of dust, dander and other debris in your HVAC system, but with our commercial duct cleaning service, such problems will not be able to affect you for long.

Commercial Humidifier

A humidifier can bring some much–needed moisture into your indoor air, which can get low as a result of climate and a stagnant indoor space. A balanced humidity level is best taken care of by a professionally installed commercial humidifier. While we do not install humidifiers, we do offer service and maintenance. Call Skylake Heating & Air today to learn more.