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Commercial Thermostats in Orem

Skylake Heating & Air - Commercial Thermostats

A commercial HVAC system is only as good as its ability to sense temperature and respond to your temperature adjustments. Otherwise, it’s just a bundle of expensive metal components. While small in stature and relatively inexpensive, your thermostat plays a major role in the efficiency and performance of your entire commercial heating and cooling system. And you can’t afford to have a poorly performing heating and cooling system or one that is costing you a small fortune to operate.

Let our specialists walk you through the process of finding a thermostat that’s right for your particular needs. We can make sure that your thermostat is installed and serviced properly throughout the years. We offer a wide range of makes and models, including conventional wired and wireless models as well as those with extensive programmability for zone control as well as smart thermostats. We have extensive experience in this field, and we’re eager to help you grow your business by keeping your space comfortable for customers and employees.

For thermostats and other commercial HVAC repair and maintenance services in Orem, UT, call on the pros at Skylake Heating & Air today.

What Commercial Thermostat Is Right for You?

We know it’s not the most critical decision you’ll make this quarter, but it’s nevertheless an important one that will have an impact on your day–to–day around the commercial building. We can make certain that your thermostat functions just as it ought to, but perhaps more importantly, that it’s chosen correctly in the first place. Let’s take a look at some of the most common factors to consider:

Size and layout of your space.
The type of thermostat you choose may depend upon how large your commercial space is. Large spaces are often divided into distinct "zones," each of which can be separately controlled by a master thermostat or by multiple models installed at strategic locations.
If you’re technologically savvy, then you may want to select a thermostat that you can control remotely through an internet connection. Wouldn’t it be nice to adjust the levels in your space while you’re already at home? Or check up on the space from your tablet when you’re on vacation?
Programmability and your work schedule.
Many thermostats include the capacity to adjust your temperature automatically according to whether you’re currently open or closed. This can be a great asset to business owners looking to save money over time.

Signs that Your Thermostat Needs Service

It might seem odd that a small piece of equipment such as your thermostat could actually require a professional service, but it may indeed be the case. Over time, your thermostat endures wear and tear just like any other part of your HVAC system, so stay alert to any sudden changes in the way that your heating and cooling system operates.

For example, if you find that your building has hot and cold spots that never seem to even out, then there could be something wrong with the thermostat’s ability to detect temperature in one part of your space. If your system is turning on and off again too frequently, then it could indicate a sensor issue, and this can lead to serious damage in the long term. Call the experts at Skylake Heating & Air today for exceptional commercial thermostat services in Orem, UT.