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Commercial Heating Services in Orem

Skylake Heating & Air - Commercial Heating

The commercial heating system within your commercial building is something that you rely on daily to ensure that the cold winter months don’t negatively affect your ability to run your business effectively. Whether you operate commercial boiler, heat pump or furnace, it’s imperative that you not only make sure it’s professionally installed so that it’s appropriately sized, but also that it’s periodically taken care of with routine maintenance, and that any problems are dealt with swiftly. We’re just the company to take care of this issue. We offer outstanding commercial heating services throughout the Orem, UT area, including repair and maintenance for a wide range of makes and models. While we do not offer installation and replacement for commercial heaters, we can make sure that your system is working just as it ought to. All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial our number!

For outstanding commercial heating repair and maintenance in Orem, UT, contact the team at Skylake Heating & Air today.

Commercial Heating Problems: What to Look For

It can be difficult for anyone but a trained professional to spot a problem with a commercial heating system. It’s often the case that such problems build up over time, from very small, imperceptible issues to larger forms of damage. (That’s what makes routine maintenance inspections so important!) But with a little vigilance, every business owner can keep their system out of trouble by catching problems early on.

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is, how does your system sound? If it sounds like pieces of metal clashing together, grinding, hissing or whistling, don’t think for one second that that’s normal. Strange and loud noises coming from your heat pump, furnace or boiler is often a sure sign that something is wrong with the system. Another clear indication of a problem is if your system turns on and off again, or if it heats your space unevenly. Such problems won’t last long with our team on the job, though.

Our Commercial Heating Maintenance

In addition to our repair service, we also offer outstanding commercial heating maintenance for a variety of system makes and models. Routine cleaning of your entire system, as well as inspection and a tune–up will ensure that your system operates at the peak of its abilities. Performance and energy efficiency are impossible without regular professional service. We offer routine plans as well as scheduled services, so just give us a call today if you’re concerned about the status of your commercial heater in any way.

Commercial Boilers

It’s hardly surprising that the commercial boiler is so popular among business owners here in Orem. For one thing, they are highly energy efficient, and you can be sure that yours will last a good long while. However, yours won’t last as long as it should unless it is taken care of. We offer outstanding commercial boiler services throughout the Orem, UT area, including repair and maintenance.

Commercial Thermostat

It’s critical that you have a decent thermostat to run your entire commercial HVAC system. Without one, your system will be inefficient at best, and you might even put it at risk in the long–term. We can make sure that your commercial thermostat works just as it ought to. Give us a call today to learn more about our commercial thermostat services.