You’ve fought it long and hard but you don’t have a choice…you’ve GOT to turn on the heater! It is way too cold in the house and your kids can’t feel their toes anymore. You turn to the thermostat and get all the settings in place and you hear your system kick on. Warmth and relief are on their way!

Or are they? After a delay, you can hear the system running (noisily you might add) but there is no warm air! In fact, your vents are emitting cool air which is making things worse!

This situation is incredibly frustrating but thankfully we know the reason for this occurrence…and we know the solution for it too!

Where Is My Warm Air?

If the story above sounds familiar at all then you may want to work on contacting your local Skylake Heating & Air service technician because you are in need of repairs. In fact, the example we gave has a few different signs that indicate the heater in this situation is struggling quite a bit.

Signs Your Heater Needs a Fix or Two

There are several signs to look and listen for that should tell you it is time to schedule repairs before you have to ask about a replacement. These include:

  • Loud noises: Remember how that wonky heater we described is making a lot of noise while it runs? That is because there is something in the system that needs to be fixed such as loose parts, the presence of debris, or a leak.
  • A delay in system response: When you turn on your heating system it should kick on pretty quickly. If it takes longer than a minutes however, you may have a problem with the connection between the thermostat and the heater.
  • No warm air: This is the indicator you never want to deal with. If your heater is producing no warm air or, worse yet, it is blowing out cool air, you need to get it repaired quickly. A total lack of air means a problem with the blower motor while a heater emitting cold air is having problems creating heat at all!
  • Short-cycling: If your heater is improperly sized, it may short cycle. This is when it goes through heating cycles but never fully finishes them so, even if it was producing warm air, it wouldn’t be doing so effectively enough to make a real difference. This is also a sign that drives up your utility bills – which may be why you fought so hard to NOT turn your heater on in the first place!

My Heater Needs Help!

We encourage everyone to schedule regular maintenance to avoid the chilly situation of being without heat. However we know this isn’t always possible. That is why our technicians make sure they can address any potential repairs quickly and effectively. Our goal is to get your heater back in working order fast so you don’t have to shiver they day away.

When you need to get a professional to examine your heating in Orem, UT, we are the team you can trust.


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