The last thing anyone in Orem wants or needs right now is to have a heater replacement. Unfortunately, however, it can happen. If and when your heater gives up the ghost, it can help to know what your options are to replace your system for heating in Orem, UT.

Knowing your options and your heating needs makes the replacement process that much faster. And, even better, is knowing that you have a team of professionals with Skylake Heating & Air who are available to help with installation and answering all of your heater replacement questions.

When you are ready, give us a call. Until then, let’s look at what your options are for heating systems and what factors might influence your selection.

What Are Your Options?

So, what might the options be for your next potential heater? Aside from whichever heater you are looking to replace, there could be three or more other choices at hand. These include furnaces, geothermal heat pumps, ductless heat pumps, radiant heating systems and more.

Tough choice right? Let’s narrow down the list by seeing what factors make any one choice ideal for someone’s heating needs.


Furnaces have been around for a good long while because they are reliable and efficient heating systems. These heaters can use natural gas as a fuel source and now, have the option to use electricity to create heat as well. Furnaces are great or those who already have ductwork, already have natural gas hookups or live in areas where electricity is more affordable (if they don’t want to use natural gas). These are also ideal for people who encounter sub-zero temps.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Did you know that the temperature within the earth’s crust stays pretty temperate year-round? This makes it a great source for heat no matter how cold temps get above-ground. Using a water and antifreeze mix cycled through piping underground, geothermal heat pumps pull warmth from underground and use it to keep your home warm. This system, while on the pricey side to install the first time, is highly energy and cost-efficient in the long run, with underground parts lasting up to 50 years.

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

If you don’t have ductwork and don’t want any installed, there is a heater for you! The ductless mini-split system is great for anyone who would prefer to have a system that takes up less space while still providing warmth during winter. While ductless systems tend to struggle in freezing temperatures, they are otherwise very energy efficient and offer the added benefit of providing a cooling system in summer thanks to their reversing valve.

Leave Replacements to the Pros

When you’ve decided which route you want to pursue your next heating system, make sure you contact a professional technician like those at Skylake Heating & Air. Our team members are trained and experienced in all things to do with heating system services. When you need an HVAC technician you can trust to get the job done, make sure you reach out to us.


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