Good News: High Quality Is Kind to Your Budget!

Multiple studies confirm the many benefits of installing and maintaining high quality heating and air solutions vs. skimping on quality, design, optimization and maintenance.

Over a 10 year period, a Total Quality Cycle solution will typically beat a replace/fix strategy by MORE THAN 2X! The cost savings over time are significant. This example shows the dramatic difference between these two approaches – More than $6,000 difference over 10 years!

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Cost Saving Example: $6,100 Over 10 Years

Replacement Only

Total Quality Cycle

Advantage of TQC Solution*

18-SEER A/C unit, 90% furnace
Total Quality Cycle improvements
Not Included
Computer design, resizing, seal/ insulate ducts optimize insulation, test,optimize system
Energy Cost Savings (52% vs 88%)
Additional repair costs ($200/year)
Total Cost of Ownership - 10 years


Annual Cost of Ownership

While the TQC approach may at first appear to be more expensive, over time it will typically cost HALF as much as the cheaper-appearing solution. Do your budget a favor and choose quality.

Replacing your furnace with a total quality cycle solution can save significant money over the life of your system – over $6,000 in this typical example.

*Source: Dominick Guarino, Contracting Business, Last Word Column OCT 10, 2013

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Beyond the Dollars

Our commitment to quality extends to the positive impact on your budget over the entire Quality Cycle. In addition to 2X cost savings, you and your family will enjoy a healthier, more comfortable, safer home for 10 years or more.

Peace of Mind

And unlike other solutions, you’ll be free from the cost and hassles of system failures, repairs and unwelcome breakdown surprises.

Find out how much you can save.

Geothermal is another great heating (and cooling) option that may be much more economical than you think. Check out your potential savings with this handy calculator.

I really liked working with this company. We had two other companies come out and try to charge us 20K for a new heating and AC unit. Skylake beat their pricing by fair and was very fair.


I’ve worked with Skylake two times now. Once for a humidifier install on my existing HVAC system and most recently to install the necessary ductwork/vents/returns for finishing my basement. Both times they have been super responsive, incredibly helpful, and beat out the competition’s pricing by far.

Zach C.

I had Skylake finish our basement HVAC. Not only did they come in the lowest of 3 bids I did and for the exact same scope of work. I've had other contractors comment how good it looks. I had Cody from Skylake bid. Well worth it!

Todd G.

I love their technicians. They are so helpful and friendly. They always come out quickly when I need work or service done.

Kelly S.

I have used this company for years and they are the BEST. I out my own reputation on the line and refer them to all my friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers.

Brett B.

Skylake has been great to work with. We had a small issue with our furnace which turned out to be more user error than anything. They were extremely prompt in getting someone out to take a look at it, fix the issue, and educate me on how to handle it in the future.

Lee P.

Fantastic experience with them today. I had an issue with my furnace and they initially told me they wouldn’t be able to come fix it for a few days. Then they called back and said they had a technician who was willing to come all the way from Park City to help me out.

Taylor E.

Skylake was able to get a technician to our home within 24 hours. Will Torres, our technician, was very knowledgeable and professional in his diagnosis and solution. He was courtesy and friendly.

Alan B.

They were very courteous, professional and answered all the questions I had about the new humidified they installed.

Randall S.