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Enjoy a Heavenly Smelling Home for Valentines Day


The traditional method of trying to get your home to smell nice involves placing multitudes of plug-in scent diffusers or an array of candles. While these can provide nice smells, they often aren’t worth the trouble of setting them all up—nor are they worth the fire risk. What if there was an easier, cleaner way to set the mood in your home on Valentine’s Day that only required you to turn on your air system?

There is! Its called Scented Vents.

With Scented Vents you can enjoy natural scents in your home without the hassle. This product is installed into your HVAC system to diffuses subtle, natural scents throughout your home. With benefits such as long-lasting scents, customized smell and size options, and an app which allows easy control, you can enjoy a comfortable and wonderfully scented home this spring. It is even pet and child friendly unlike traditional candles or diffusers!

If you are interested in learning more about Scented Vents you can contact our team. We offer professional installation for this whole-home scenting solution.

Contact Skylake Heating & Air today to schedule your installation appointment today so your home can smell like heaven tonight.

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