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Signs It’s Time for Heater Repairs: Furnace, Boilers, and Ductless

man-bundled-in-blue-sweaterSometimes you don’t know when you need heating repair services—that’s why we’re here. If you want to know the signs that point to a need for heating repair then make sure that you read the post below. We’ll cover the leading signs of heating problems in the three most popular heating systems across the country—furnaces, boilers, and ductless.

If you read the post below and realize that you need heating repair in Orem, UT then make sure that you contact our team. We’re the right team for the job. All our technicians are completely NATE-certified, licensed, and experienced in serving homes here in Utah. We’re the right team for the job.

Here’s When You Need to Service Your Furnace

  • Tripped Carbon Monoxide Detector: If you’re having trouble with your furnace then you might have an issue with the system giving off carbon monoxide system that trips off a detector. Don’t ignore these signs or think it’s a fluke—contact a professional.
  • Low Indoor Air Quality: Notice that there’s too much dust in your home or that you’re coughing and wheezing? If this is the case then you’re due for some furnace repair services. Don’t delay so that it turns into a bigger issue—contact our team today.
  • Inadequate Heat: When furnaces start to go awry, you might start to have inadequate heating services in your home. If you have inadequate heat then make sure that you contact our professional of technicians as soon as possible.

When It’s Time for Boiler Repair

  • Banging Noises: Are you hearing banging noises coming from your boiler? If you are then you’re having a real problem with your boiler. Make sure you contact one of our technicians sooner than later.
  • Water Around the Boiler: If you notice that there’s water leaking or dripping around your boiler system, the cause could be a variety of problems. If there’s a malfunctioning internal part in your home then make sure that you call a technician to diagnose the problem as soon as possible.

See these Signs? It’s Time to Call for Service for Your Ductless System

  • Grinding Noises: If you have a ductless system in your home, something that you might hear why things start to go off the rails is a grinding noise. If you hear this or any other odd sounds emitted from your heating system, turn the system off and call a professional.
  • Control Issues: Something you’re bound to see if your ductless unit starts to malfunction is a problem with the controls. If your unit needs repair services, it might start to act oddly or simply become unresponsive. This is likely due to a problem with the power source or connection of your ductless unit.
  • Ice on the Unit: Yes, this can even happen when your ductless system heats your home. Since your ductless mini split is a heat pump, it moves thermal energy rather than generating it. This means that ice can form on the coils as a side effect of the process. If you see the outer unit covered in ice, make sure that you have a professional examine it.

If you need great repair services for your furnace, boiler, or your ductless systems then contact Skylake Heating & Air today to schedule an appointment.

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