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Should You Replace a Faulty Heater Now?

heating-system-maintenanceWinter is still going in full force, but spring will officially be here in just a few weeks, and while your heating systems are running on a daily basis right now, that will change when the temperature starts to rise. When heaters run into trouble late in the season — and they often do, since they’ve likely been running on a daily basis for months, and may even do so at the worst possible time — the homeowner can be faced with a tough dilemma. Is it more cost effective to repair the heater, or is replacing it the better choice? Ultimately only you can make that decision, There are, however, certain factors that can help guide you in the right direction.

How Big Is the Problem?

The key factor when it comes to repairs at this stage in the season is the size and the scope of the problem. Normally, heater replacement should take place in the off-season, and even if your system feels like it’s on its last legs, it might be better to repair it now and keep it running until spring, then schedule a replacement session when you have much less of a need for it. Any considerations you make on this front now should be taken with that in mind.

Has the Warranty Expired?

Furthermore, if the warranty is still in effect, there is rarely a need to replace the system except in the direst cases. The warranty covers the cost of replacing any of the system’s original parts, meaning you’ll usually only need to cover the cost of labor and perhaps a few small components like bolts. Even if the warranty has expired, costs can still be mitigated if the repairs are minor. Only when the price of continuing to run the system is no longer tolerable should you consider investing in a new system.

How Expensive Is the Repair?

This late in the season, a repair job is usually the only time you should consider installing a new heating system in. Some heaters need to be replaced because the monthly cost of running them has gotten too high: that usually isn’t the case this late in the season, and even if you think your heater has gotten too expensive to run, you should probably wait until spring before pulling the trigger on a new system.

Repairs are a different story, however, and if your system needs attention in order to keep running reliably until spring, then the cost of those repairs can weigh heavily on the decision to just install a new heater. If you feel that a given repair cost is more than the existing system is worth, that money can be better spent investing in a new one. Alternately, the repair might not be that expensive ain and of itself, but it comes on the tail of multiple other repairs: say more than two in the last 12 months. That may also be a situation where you decide “enough is enough,” and decide to install a new heater rather than fix the old.

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