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How You Can Avoid Repairs This Winter

heating-repair-callsThe last thing you want during the dead of winter here in Orem is a heater that’s down for the count. If you’re really in a pinch, we can accommodate you because we offer 24-hour emergency service, but wouldn’t it be better if you could avoid this situation all together? Luckily, you can. There are so many simple things that you can do you avoid an expensive and inconvenient breakdown of your heater this winter. If you need help making sure that your system runs well all season long, then contact our team. We have the best maintenance services in Orem, UT and we can help you make sure your system has a long, healthy life.

How to Avoid Repairs

Run Your System Well: Turn down your thermostat. We know this might seem counterintuitive because it’s winter, but turning your thermostat temperature down by just a few degrees in the winter will help you save money and relieve the strain on your HVAC system.

Upgrading your thermostat helps take this a step further. New smart thermostats on the market aren’t only convenient because of their WiFi capabilities, they’re also great because they work to save you money—even highlighting opportunities where you can run your system more efficiently.

Don’t Ignore the Signs: Do you see, hear, or even smell the warning signs of your heating system giving out on you? So many homeowners do but try to ignore these signs in hopes that they’ll go away or at the very least, they won’t turn into a repair issue. When you ignore the signs that your heater is performing under capacity, you only make room for the situation to become even worse. If you need a concrete list of signs to look out for, we’ve created one:

  • Odd noises (loud sounds like banging, rattling, grating, or scraping)
  • Foul odors (an unpleasant burning smell)
  • High energy bills
  • Short cycling
  • A lack of heat in your home
  • An excess amount of dust or dirt

If you’re experiencing this or any other odd idiosyncrasies, then make sure to contact our team.

Enroll in Our Maintenance Program: The best way to take care of your heater is through preventative maintenance. In order to ensure that your air conditioning provides the best quality heating at the maximum level of efficiency and lasts for the longest lifespan possible, you need routine annual maintenance for your HVAC system. Here at Skylake Heating & Air, we have biannual maintenance for your air conditioning and heating system. For your heating system, we provide:

  • Lubrication of all moving parts and check the condenser fan and blower motors
  • A check of the thermostat and maximum comfort
  • An inspection of the heat exchanger to ensure the safe and efficient operation
  • Cleaning and adjustment of the burners for the greatest fuel efficiency
  • A change of the filters for maximum air flow
  • A check of all the hoses, pipes, and connections for any leaks

If you want to avoid heating repairs this winter, then contact our team at Skylake Heating & Air to help fortify your system.

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