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Heating Upgrades 101: Your Options with Our Team

HVAC-iconsThe winter months make you rely on your heater heavily. If everything goes right, you can heat your home without a hitch but often these cold months just serve as a way to underscore the preexisting or underlying problems within your heating system. When you see the signs of your heater starting to tank, you need to act with action. Don’t wait until things get dire to address the problems with your heating system—upgrade sooner than later.

Upgrading your heater is a long and arduous process. If you’re serious about upgrading to a quality heater in Orem, UT then make sure that you contact our team. Our technicians are extensively trained and NATE-certified, we’ll help you through the entire process and inform you about the best practices along the way.

Our Vast Variety of Heating Services

We offer a wide variety of heating services so that we can always meet the needs of our customers across Utah. Each home is different and needs different care, so we offer the following systems:


Boilers are heating systems that circulate hot water through piping placed in your subflooring and walls. If you’re looking into this type of heating, it’s important to know that it’s also interchangeably referred to as “hydronic heating.” You’re a great candidate for a boiler system if you don’t have reliable ductwork in your home already or if you’re worried about your indoor air quality. These systems are better for indoor air quality because they bypass the problems that ductwork bring along with them.

Ductless Heating

Need customized heating for your home? Ductless heating is a great option for you if you have rooms in your home that are naturally predisposed to running a little cold or staying a little hotter, ductless heating is a convenient way to “zone” your home. You can put an air handler (the individual and autonomous systems that ductless systems use to heat your home) in your home to provide customized heating and cooling.


Furnaces are by far the most common form of heating across the country, this is probably what you think of when you think of the term “heating.” It’s a forced-air heating system that relies on a network of ducts snaking throughout your home. Furnaces have high AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings and they’re a good option if you already have the right ductwork available. If you want a great make and model furnace for your home, you can consult with our expert technicians.

Heat Pumps

If you want to keep your home eco-friendly, consider a heat pump, heat pumps are climate control systems that move heat rather than generate it. This means that they move heat into your home from outdoors in winter to heat and move heat outdoors from your home in summer to cool. They’re also a convenient option because they can both heat and cool.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal systems are constructed just like heat pumps but instead of using the outside air to heat your home, they siphon thermal energy from your ground to heat your home. The temperature underground remains pretty constant so it’s a more reliable heat source. A big perk of these systems are their lifespans—they can last over 50 years. If you want a long-lasting, reliable, and eco-friendly option, opt for a geothermal heater.

If you’re ready to upgrade to a new heating system, make sure that you contact our team here at Skylake Heating & Air.

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