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Does Your Furnace Need Repairs or Replacing?

heating-system-maintenanceWe’re coming to the end of heating season, and with warming weather comes the opportunity to assess the state of your furnace. Heating systems get put under a tremendous amount of strain during the winter months, and if you have an older system, you need to carefully check its status at the end of every winter. If it’s working fine, terrific. But if there are lingering problems, you need to determine if repairing the system is the best way to go, or if you need a new heater before next winter.

Ultimately, only you can make that decision. As the homeowner, you know your furnace better than anyone, and can probably tell when it’s ready to be replaced with a new one. However, there are some factors that can help make that decision easier.

An Expired Warranty Is the First Sign

Usually, you don’t need to seriously consider replacement until the warranty on your furnace expires. It covers the cost of any replacement components for your system (provided they’re replacing an original component that came with the furnace). That limits the cost of repairs, since you’ll only be paying for labor and perhaps a few ancillary components like new bolts or fittings. Only once the warranty has expired should you consider replacement, and then only if the costs of keeping your furnace running have gotten too large.

How High Are Repair Costs?

When the warranty has expired, you should start paying attention to the costs involved in keeping the system running. If a repair issue comes up, and the repairs will cost more than you think the system is worth, that’s a good sign that replacement is in order. Replacement should also be considered if you’ve had to schedule more than two repairsw in a single twelve-month period. And if the simple cost of running the heater every month is too hard on your budget, that’s another good reason to think about replacing the system before the weather cools off again next fall.

Not Sure? Schedule a Maintenance Session!

If your furnace’s warranty has expired and you’re not certain of its status, it’s a good idea to schedule a maintenance session to clear up any questions. The technician will give the system a thorough once-over and check for signs of trouble. Maintenance sessions can help improve the furnace’s efficiency and get an early jump on potential repair issues, which is why you should schedule one every spring to give your system a look,

In addition, it allows the technician to assess the state of your system. If further repairs are needed, they can advise you on the costs and help you assess the state of the rest of the system as well. That can give you some good indicators of whether you furnace can keep running for a few more seasons, or whether replacing the unit before next fall arrives it the best option for you.

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