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Deciphering Those Odd Furnace Sounds

heating-repair-callsAs you start to use your furnace more and more this winter, sometimes subtle heating problems become more apparent because of the amount of strain put on the system. If you want to prevent more serious problems from developing in your furnace system, take note of these signs and tackle these problems sooner rather than later. Most homeowners are unaware of the signs that indicate furnace trouble.

If you need furnace replacement in Orem, UT then you should contact our team to rectify those issues. We’ve collected a quick list of furnace problems below—if you notice any of these odd sounds coming from your furnace, make sure you contact our team sooner than later.

Sounds and Their Meanings

Here’s a few of the most common furnace sounds homeowners hear and their common meanings.


It’s more than likely that you have a gas furnace in your home—it’s the most common heating system across the country. Sometimes when things go wrong with the combustion elements in these systems, you’ll hear loud noises. When things really go awry, these sounds might start to sound like a cannon firing when it starts up. This is typically due to a build-up of carbon particles in the system, which causes the booming sound. You need a professional heating technician to make sure that your furnace always runs well.


Grinding is never a sound that you want to hear when you turn on your heating system. Your heating system circulates warm air through an air handler (the simple terms, this is a large motor with a fan attached to it), and when the air handler lacks lubrication,  you’ll start to hear a grinding sound as the system attempts to heat your home. If this is a sound that you’re hearing you should call for repairs as soon as possible—if you let it go for an extended amount of time it can burn out your air handler.

Starting and Stopping

Do you hear your heater consistently clicking on and clicking off throughout the day? This is a problem that we call “short cycling.” Short cycling puts extreme strain on your heating system and it will greatly decrease the lifespan of the system. Short cycling is caused by a wide array of things—anything from an air filter so dirty that it’s become clogged or overheating. Don’t let the process of short cycling continue for long. This is a problem that’s easily fixed by a trained technician from our team.


Hearing a whining, screeching, or squealing sound? Then make sure that your furnace is serviced by a professional as soon as possible. This is a big problem that can quickly lead to a system breakdown. It’s indicative of a broken blower motor or a loose, slipped, or worn blower belt. Your blower can be repaired or replaced but if you let it continue to run poorly you’ll negatively impact your system.

If you need furnace replacement in Orem then contact Skylake Heating & Air today.

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