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Common Furnace Repair Problems

Inside a gas furnace. Focus = the top of the middle flange. 12MP camera.We’re in the midst of winter now, and you’ve definitely turned on your heater in our chilly, Utah weather. Have you noticed any problems with your furnace? If you have, it’s time to call for repairs. We understand why many homeowners don’t leap to schedule their repair services. If you’ve dealt with your heater warming your home inefficiently for months, what’s another week? But procrastinating when it comes to your furnace repair can land you in an incredibly inconvenient situation, like going without heat in the dead of an Orem winter, and who wants that? Remain proactive. If you notice problems with your furnace, schedule professional furnace repair with our team.

Watch Out for These Signs!

Not sure what an early warning sign of furnace failure is? Watch out for these signs of trouble.

Uneven Heating

Have you noticed that when you turn on your heater in your home, certain rooms are boiling while others are freezing cold? Many homeowners chalk this up to problems with outside factors (one room gets too much sun while another gets too much shade) but in actuality, it might be a problem with your furnace. When your furnace goes unmaintained for an extended amount of time, it’s bound to build up dust, dirt, and debris in your vent system. Scheduling routine maintenance to clear this out will greatly benefit your system. If you have parts that are out of tune, you’ll need maintenance for your system.

Your Airflow is Merely a Trickle

Do you come home from a cold day expecting the rush of warm air through your home but instead, you’re met with a pitiful trickle? This problem is a lot more common than you might think. If you’re having this problem with your system, it’s important to hire a professional because they have the right tools and knowledge to pinpoint the source of the problem (typically faulty parts or a dirty system) and take the necessary steps to rectify the issue.

Blowing Lukewarm Air

Your heater should blow hot air. That’s a given, but our team members are often surprised to arrive at a job and find out how many homeowners make do with cool or lukewarm air blowing through their home in winter. If your heater has declined and needs repair, one of the side effects is commonly lukewarm “heat” in your home. Don’t’ deal with this! Call one of our NATE-certified, licensed professionals today and have this problem solved quickly.

Sky High Heating Bills

Your heating bill is likely higher than you’d like it to be in the coldest part of an Orem winter, but if your bill seems to be unreasonably high, it might be a sign that you need repairs. When your system isn’t well maintained, the efficiency of the system declines over time. When the efficiency declines it forces your heater to work much harder to heat your home the way you’re accustomed to. If you have a high heating bill, spending a little money on repair services will save you money.

Need a great team to repair your furnace? Call Skylake Heating & Air.

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