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Common Electrical Problems With Your Furnace

Gas furnaces remain the norm here in Orem, UT, owing to their reliability and comparatively inexpensive use. But while the system may use gas as fuel to heat your home, it still has a number of electrical components, and when those components run into trouble, it will affect your entire system. Electrical repairs require reliable technicians: people with knowledge of both electrical systems and heating and cooling systems. If you spot a problem with your system and suspect that it has an electrical source, make sure you choose the right company to repair it. Besides simple issues like loose connectors or frayed wires, common electrical problems with your furnace can include the following:


Furnaces used to use a pilot light to ignite their burners and start the heating process, but these days most furnaces uses an electrical ignition switch, which is safer and more reliable. When the ignition can’t get electrical power, the system simply won’t turn on: keeping your home safe from a gas leak, but denying you heat until the issue is addressed.

Thermostat Control Wire

Your heating system is connected to a thermostat, which regulates its functioning in response to the internal temperature of your home. When the control wire shorts out or suffers similar problems, the furnace won’t be able to turn on correctly.

Fan Motor Issues

Once your furnace has generated hot air, it uses a fan to blow it into your home. When the fan motor suffers an electrical short, the fan won’t blow and your house won’t heat up. This is doubly problematic because the hot air will just linger in your furnace, causing other components to overheat and increasing the potential damage you’ll need to get repaired.

For furnace electrical problems or any other issue with your heating and cooling system, give the pros at Skylake Heating and Air a call today!

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