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Boiler Services are Recommended Every Spring

Spring is here, and most homes in the area are gradually turning off their heating systems and turning on their air conditioner. If you own a boiler or a similar type of heating system, now is an excellent time to schedule a servicing session to look it over. Doing so can provide a number of huge benefits , as well as making sure your boiler is ready to go next fall when you need it. What is a servicing session, and what kinds of benefits does it bring? Read on for the answers.

How It Works

A servicing session for your boiler most closely resembles a tune-up on your car. It’s not strictly a repair session, since repairs are designed to fix a single particular problem. Servicing sessions, on the other hand, give the technician a chance to look for any problems in the system. This can include issues in the boiler itself, but also issues such as leaks in the pipes or problems with the radiators.

If the issue is small enough – say, just tightening a bolt that has come loose – the technician can take care of it as part of the servicing session. If more formal repairs are required, you can schedule the session anytime over the summer, ensuring that the problem is dealt with long before you have need of the boiler again.

The Benefits It Brings

The advantages of servicing your boiler every year vary from unit to unit, but usually entail three specific things.

First, by correcting all of those little issues, your boiler will perform much more efficiently when you need it again. That translates both to lower monthly heating bills next winter, and reduced strain on the system overall, which means a reduced risk of repair calls.

Second, in the event further repairs are needed, a servicing session lets you get an early jump on them. This usually translates to reduced cost, since the damage hasn’t had as much time to spread. It also means you can schedule repairs at a time that is convenient to you, when you don’t have any conflicts. Contrast that to suffering a breakdown in the middle of winter, when you have to put your life on hold and schedule repairs on short notice.

But perhaps the biggest advantage comes when you schedule servicing sessions regularly over time. That can cut down on wear and tear considerably, which in turn will reduce the cost and frequency of repairs later in the boiler’s life. Indeed, it can even extend the overall life of the boiler, by months or even years in some cases. When you consider the cost of replacing the system, that can add up to be quite a bit over the life of your boiler: translating to big savings and extra utility.

If you haven’t scheduled a boiler servicing session in the past 12 months, now is the ideal time to do so. And for terrific boiler services in Orem, UT, call the friendly professionals at Skylake Heating & Air today to make an appointment!

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