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Homeowners Who Can Benefit From A Heat Pump

ductless-mini-split-heat-pumpA simple internet search for heat pumps will yield hundreds of results boasting about how great they are. In retaliation, there are even articles that directly question the supposed greatness of heat pumps, which only further acknowledges the widespread belief that heat pumps are the best thing since the invention of air conditioning itself.

Well, to be honest, heat pumps are pretty great—we can’t deny it. But we won’t go far as to say that they’re the best, most ideal system for every single homeowner. When it comes to heating and cooling products, there is no “always” or “never,” just a lot of “it depends.” In this post, we’ll try to level the ground on when installing a heat pump in Orem, UT is truly a wise decision.

Heat Pumps are Great For Homeowners Who:

Want Complete Control Over Their Heating and Cooling

Take note, this only applies to ductless mini-split systems. These heat pumps consist of one outdoor unit and as many indoor units as there are rooms to cool inside the home. As a result, every room will have its own set of controls, meaning you can only use energy in the rooms that need it. With a traditional duct system, you have no choice but to push air through to all the rooms connected to the ductwork.

Don’t Have Either an AC or Heater

If this is your first purchase of either an air conditioner or a heater, you’d be the perfect candidate for a heat pump. Since heat pumps can work as both air conditioners or heaters, it would be a waste not to consider one. For those who already have an AC or a heater, it can be difficult to justify buying a heat pump since it can be redundant.

However, one way around this is by considering a dual fuel system. For example, if you already have a furnace, you can consider installing the heat pump alongside it. When the weather becomes too cold for the heat pump to warm the air efficiently, your furnace can kick-in to finish the job.

Plan to Live In The Current Home for Decades

This isn’t to say that all heat pumps have extremely long lifespans. In particular, we’re talking about geothermal heat pumps. They work like typical air-source heat pumps—by moving warmth from one place and transporting it to another—except they use the ground as a medium.

Geothermal heat pumps use long, looped coils buried under the ground to transfer warmth from the ground into your home. While the loops are estimated to last over 50 years, the other components can last around 25 years on average. Compared to average heat pumps, which are rated for 12 to 15 years. Due to the upfront cost of these units, geothermal heat pumps are a wise investment for those who don’t plan on moving anytime soon.

Does a heat pump sound right for you? We can help you decide! Contact Skylake Heating & Air, an HVAC company serving the Wasatch Front since 2003.

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