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Upgrading Your AC in Winter? Why It’s a Great Idea

Air conditioner in need of service or repair.It’s cold here in Orem now and you probably haven’t thought about your air conditioning system in months, but now is actually a great time to upgrade your air conditioning system. We know the hot, humid heat of summer seems like an eternity ago, but think back, did you have any problems with your AC this summer? If you have and if your problems have been persistent for a few summers now, you should take this time to upgrade your air conditioning system. If you need great air conditioning in Orem, UT then contact our team today.

Signs You Need an AC Upgrade

Do you know the signs that show when you need an AC upgrade?

Odd Noises

A telltale sign that your air conditioning unit is going to give way any day now is weird noises. Your AC should operate relatively silently—maybe you’ll notice the sound of air rushing through the vents. Anything other than these sounds is a huge problem. Common malfunction noises are clanging, banging, grating, screeching, or squealing.

Not Enough Cooling Power

Do you run your air conditioner all day but never feel like your home is cool enough? This is a sign of air conditioner inefficiency, don’t make your AC unit work harder to provide you baseline levels of cooling, upgrade your unit.

High Energy Bills

If your air conditioning bill is sky high in summer, don’t just write it off as an inexplainable inconvenience. It’s more than likely due to air conditioning inefficiency. An upgrade will help you save money on your heating system.


How old in your air conditioning unit. If it’s between the ages of 10 and 15, you should consider upgrading, even if it seems like there’s nothing wrong with your unit. Your unit can only last for so long, forcing it past a reasonable age will only cost you more money. Don’t spend an excessive amount of money on a system that struggles to cool your home.

Why Now?

When it’s summer or even late spring, people feel temperatures start to rise and they start to buy. The stock is depleted, and technicians are busy, so the demand starts to rise and so does the price. In winter, we’re so cold here in Utah that the last thing on anyone’s mind is their air conditioning. This allows a consumer like you to have the best pick of brands, makes, models, and teams to install these systems for you.

In addition to this, it’s better to upgrade now when you’re not reliant on your air conditioner. Upgrading in summer will leave you hot and sweaty in the heat and upgrading in spring will make the process too rushed and anxiety provoking.

Trust Our Team

Here at Skylake Heating & Air we understand the minutia of the HVAC industry. We’re committed to quality service so we buy all the best tools, employ the brightest technicians, and keep our team unified and informed.

If you need to upgrade your AC this winter, contact Skylake Heating & Air.

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