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The Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating

ductless-air-conditioningSpring is here, and soon enough summer will be here. If your air conditioning system is on its last legs, you might want to think about getting it replaced, and now is the perfect time to do so. It will allow you to take advantage of the advantages that come with a new system, including improved efficiency and a much lower risk of repairs.

But not every home benefits from traditional centralized air conditioners, and if yours hasn’t be satisfactory – or if you can’t use central air conditioning systems and have been forced to “jury-rig” a system with window box units – then you might want to consider an alternative form of air conditioning.

Enter the ductless HVAC system: providing comprehensive air conditioner without requiring clumsy ducts, and bringing a lot of other benefits to the table as well. How do they work and what kind of benefits can they bring to your home? The answers can be found below.

What Is Ductless Heating?

Centralized HVAC systems generate cool air in one single location, then blow it through your home with a system of ducts. As you may have guessed, ductless systems do away with the need for ducts, by installing multiple smaller units throughout your home. Each unit is tasked with cooling single room or section of the home, and each one can be operated independently of the others.

That brings a singular advantage in eliminating the need for ducts without skimping on comprehensive AC coverage: perfect for older homes built before the advent or air conditioner, or newer ones without the ability to support a system of ducts. But there are a number of other benefits as well: based largely around the ability to control each unit individually.

What Are The Advantages?

There’s an obvious benefit to ductless systems when it comes to meeting the individual tastes of your family. Say you’re cooking in the kitchen and you want the cool air turned up to compesate for a hot stove. But another family member is working in the study and turning up the air would plunge them into a deep freeze. A ductless HVAC system lets both of you set the temperature you want without having to squabble over the thermostat settings.

That same principle provides the biggest advantage for a ductless system. It allows you to turn the cool air off in parts of the home you aren’t using – second-story bedrooms during the day, for example – while still running it in parts of the home you are.  That can cut down on your air conditioning bills by a huge amount, as well as lowering the risks of a breakdown or repair. All of that comes without skimping on your ability to stay comfortable in the heat, and in the event repairs are required, it usually only affects one unit. You can simply move to another part of the house and stay cool while the repairs are conducted!

To install a ductless HVAC system in Orem, UT, call the professionals at Skylake Heating & Air.

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