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Short Cycling: What It Is and Why It’s Such a Big Deal

ac-that-needs-repairHave you ever wondered why your air conditioner turns on and off seemingly on its own? You’re experiencing short cycling and it’s time to contact a professional about it. We understand why you would have pushed this problem to the back of your mind—it’s one of those air conditioning issues that may be a little annoying but seems incredibly benign in the grand scheme of things.

In actuality, short cycling is one of the worst things that can happen to your air conditioning system. Short cycling is a process that really wears down your air conditioning system—we’ll get into the “why” and “how” of short cycling below. For now though, if you need air conditioning repair in Orem, UT make sure you contact our team.

So What is Short Cycling Exactly?

So let’s get into the dirty details of short cycling. Short cycling is a name for the process where your air conditioner starts up multiple times in an hour. You’re definitely experiencing short cycling if your air conditioners runs for a less than 20 minutes, stops, and then starts up again shortly after. When your air conditioner runs in short bursts like this it’s impossible for it to cool your house properly.

Short cycling is a problem because it really puts a strain on your air conditioning system. Starting a process like this multiple times an hour increases your energy bills and eventually causes excess amounts of wear-and-tear to your system. Past this, short cycling can actually reduce your home comfort. Wear-and-tear on your air conditioning system will eventually wear down your parts and make it much harder for your air conditioner to perform well.

Why It’s Happening in Your Home

So why it’s this type of process happening in your home? Well, short cycling could be caused by a few things including the following:

  • Low Levels of Refrigerant: Sometimes strain on your air conditioning system can cause your refrigerant to leak. Once the refrigerant levels deplete to a certain extent, you won’t be able to properly cool your home anymore. This doesn’t mean that your air conditioner will just shut off though. Your air conditioner will still struggle to work in spite of your air conditioner efficiency.
  • An Incorrectly Sized Air Conditioner: If your air conditioner is too big for your home it will blow too much cool air into your home too quickly and turn off too soon. After it shuts off prematurely, it will start up again soon after creating the short cycling phenomenon in your home. It’s important to have a professional size your AC unit and calculate the needs of your home before you install to avoid these problems.
  • A Compromised Evaporator Coil: It’s likely that you’ll run into a problem like this if you avoid scheduling your air conditioning maintenance appointment. Your evaporator coil is in charge of removing the hot air in your home. If this coil becomes dirty or freezes over make sure you contact our professionals.

Don’t let short cycling go in indefinitely in your home. If you need great air conditioning repair you can contact our team at Skylake Heating & Air.

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