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Get Your Ducts in Shape, Reap the Benefits

air-conditioner-insulation-in-atticFor a central air conditioning system, the ductwork is crucial. Although the ducts consist of the least amount of moving parts in the whole system, they help complete nearly half of the job of cooling your home. The cooled or heated air from your HVAC system would have nowhere to go without them.

Since the ducts make up half of the home-cooling process, it’s natural that taking care of them will greatly improve the functions of your AC, in every area from indoor air quality to efficiency. Read on to find out how a few duct services can do this.

Duct Cleaning

First, make sure your ducts are nice and clean. This is a good step in increasing your indoor air quality.

A system that’s only a few years old probably won’t need duct cleaning in Orem, UT, but it’s possible that humidity has created moisture inside your ducts. In that case, the mixture of moisture and dust could encourage the growth of bacteria. Combine that with air flow, and you have a recipe for mold spores circulating through the home. Families with members susceptible to allergies should especially consider getting a thorough duct cleaning, as it can help increase the air quality and alleviate their symptoms.

Duct Sealing

Then, you’ll want to seal any potential duct leaks. This will go a long way in increasing efficiency.

It’s estimated that around 30% of air is lost through duct leaks. These leaks can occur due to bad quality duct material degrading over time, careless attic-workers who have knocked a duct loose, or even pests that have created tears in the duct material.

Despite its name, duct tape is a horrible material for sealing duct leaks, so this is no DIY job. You’ll want to go with a professional who has the expertise to use high-quality sealants. Not just that, but they’ll have the tools available to test the entire system’s pressure rating, which will help them find every last leak.

Duct Insulation

Finally, for maximizing comfort, duct insulation is the last step.

It’s possible that the temperature of the air in your ducts can be changed before it reaches the rooms of the home. For example, your AC will blow cool air, and as it passes through the ducts, it could become exposed to a particularly warm part of the home’s attic. The temperature of the cool air would then rise before reaching its destination.

In the long-run, this is going to cause comfort and efficiency issues. After all, your AC won’t stop blowing cool air until the thermostat detects that the temperature is sufficient. Your AC has to work longer to reach that temperature, thus forcing it to work harder.

Duct insulation involves adding insulation to prevent this problem from happening. By keeping certain parts of the duct insulated better, it will maintain the temperature of the conditioned air. Not only can duct insulation increase general comfort, the improvements can also appear as savings on your next energy bill.

For complete and comprehensive duct services, only rely on a professional. Contact Skylake Heating & Air today!

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