Scrub Your Hands, Scrub Your Air

March 23rd, 2020

So, you’ve implemented all those new protocols to cover your mouth, wash and sanitize your hands and fist bump rather than shake hands.* But what about the air you breathe?

Studies show that air in our homes and offices can be up to 3-5 times more polluted than the air outside. This air keeps recirculating, not only in our lungs, but depositing that stuff on all the surfaces in our living spaces. Therefore, the question is how can you clean the air in your home?

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The Details on Ductless Heating

March 9th, 2020

Would you believe us if we said that you don’t need to have ductwork in your home to enjoy warmth and comfort in the winter? It might seem odd but it is true. This is exactly what you enjoy when you get a ductless heating system. Ductless heating in Orem, UT is a great option if you are shivering your way through winter with a space heater and want to install a better heating system but don’t want to shell out the cash for installing ductwork.

If you want to learn more about ductless heating systems, their benefits, and if they are the right fit for you, then we are happy to provide that information. What’s more, if you decide that a ductless system is exactly what you are looking for, we offer professional installation services too.

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How a Smart Thermostat Benefits You

February 24th, 2020

You have likely heard about smart thermostats. Honestly, we’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard about them. But, on the off chance that you have only heard about them in passing and haven’t learned about how these great pieces of technology can benefit you, let us tell you a bit about them

Upgrading to a smart thermostat is a great choice and we want you to know why. So here’s what we are going to do: we want to go over some of the best things about smart thermostats, and then we will tell you about some of the best options for smart thermostats that you can install. All you have to do after that is contact us to discuss the installation of your new smart thermostat in Orem.

Let’s get started.

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Enjoy a Heavenly Smelling Home for Valentines Day

February 13th, 2020

The traditional method of trying to get your home to smell nice involves placing multitudes of plug-in scent diffusers or an array of candles. While these can provide nice smells, they often aren’t worth the trouble of setting them all up—nor are they worth the fire risk. What if there was an easier, cleaner way to set the mood in your home on Valentine’s Day that only required you to turn on your air system?

There is! Its called Scented Vents.

With Scented Vents you can enjoy natural scents in your home without the hassle. This product is installed into your HVAC system to diffuses subtle, natural scents throughout your home. With benefits such as long-lasting scents, customized smell and size options, and an app which allows easy control, you can enjoy a comfortable and wonderfully scented home this spring. It is even pet and child friendly unlike traditional candles or diffusers!

If you are interested in learning more about Scented Vents you can contact our team. We offer professional installation for this whole-home scenting solution.

Contact Skylake Heating & Air today to schedule your installation appointment today so your home can smell like heaven tonight.

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What to Know About Geothermal Heating & Cooling

February 10th, 2020

We all want to have a heating and cooling system that is both energy efficient and effective at keeping the home comfortable. Sometimes this can be easier said than done. For example, furnaces are effective at heating but aren’t necessarily as energy efficient at heat pumps. Meanwhile, heat pumps can’t produce the heating power that a furnace can.

What if we told you that there was a system that provides powerful comfort all year long without breaking the bank or taking a toll on the planet. When you use geothermal in Sandy, UT, this is exactly what you get.

If you haven’t heard of geothermal heating and cooling or you simply want to learn more about it, we are happy to help. Just keep reading!

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Prepare Your A/C Early This Year

January 27th, 2020

The weather outside is literally freezing cold, so why in the world are we bringing up your air conditioner right now? You don’t even want to think about cold air blasting through your home! We understand that, trust us, but we want to make sure you take advantage of any chance you have to give your HVAC system a helping hand without it impacting your comfort negatively.

What we mean is that the last thing you want to do when the heat moves into Utah is turn your A/C unit off–but if it needs maintenance or repairs this is exactly what you would need to do! We are bringing up your A/C at this time of the year to help you get ahead of the game and ensure your comfort when it counts.

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New Year’s Goals: Eat Right, Exercise, Change the Furnace Filters Monthly

January 16th, 2020

Breathe Easy for a Healthy New Year

Each New Year, millions of people make resolutions to live a healthier, happier life. The list often reads something like:

  • Eat heathy, low-sugar, lower-fat foods
  • Exercise 4 times a week
  • Change the furnace filters once a month

OK, so the furnace filters don’t usually make the top 10 list. Or even the top 50 list. But think about it. In addition to food and exercise, what’s more basic to your health than the air you breathe in and out?

Allergens, pollutants, illnesses, micro-organisms, and humidity can all affect our health through the air we breathe which essentially ends up distributed throughout our bodies in one way or another.

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Late Season Heater Maintenance is Always Worth It

January 13th, 2020

It’s freezing outside. Literally. It snowed last week. So why are we discussing heater maintenance? It is, in no way, shoulder season, that much is true. However, what is also true is the fact that no matter how late in the year it is, late-season maintenance is, and always will be, better than no maintenance at all.

Why? Because having your heater suddenly breakdown during a cold spell is so much worse.

You still might not be convinced and we can understand why. Heater maintenance in the middle of winter isn’t ideal but again it is always better than the alternative. With that said, we want to make sure you understand the benefits of scheduling maintenance, even late in the season.

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How Repairs & Maintenance Prevent Early Replacement

December 30th, 2019

Your heater has been doing a great job of keeping you warm over the years. You make sure you take good care of this system so that it can help take care of your comfort needs, even on some of the coldest days here in Utah. But things may be a little tight than normal and you wonder to yourself, “Do I really need to take care of that repair need right now? Can’t I put it off for a bit?”

While not every repair needs to be addressed the moment you catch it, it is never a good idea to put the repair off for longer than necessary. This is because timely repairs and regular maintenance can often be the biggest factors in preventing you from having to get an early replacement for your heating system.

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Why Is My Furnace Making That Noise?

December 16th, 2019

If your furnace is running well but you hesitate to turn it on because of the racket that it causes, there is a problem. Your furnace is unlikely to ever be silent, but that doesn’t mean that it should be making noises that imitate noises you’d hear in a haunted house.

If your home has had the opposite of silent nights lately because you’ve been running your furnace heater, you may want to consider calling in a service technician to check things. We suggest this because, aside from those noises being annoying, they are a sign that something needs fixing within your furnace heating system.

If you are unsure whether the sounds you’ve been hearing are being caused by a furnace on the fritz, then allow us to offer you some clarity.

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