Air Quality, Comfort and Health


These systems keep you comfortable, healthy while protecting your furniture floors and more.

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Maintain comfortable temperatures in your home year-round.

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Clean & Purify

Filters, scrubbers and more provide clean, pure, germ-free air for your health.

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Special ventilators keep fresh air flowing without losing heating/cooling.

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Air Quality, Comfort & Health

Many homeowners in Utah make due with a one-size-fits-all comfort system simply because it came with their home. As a result, they may suffer unnecessarily with poor temperature distribution, indoor air pollutants, inefficient system performance, wasted energy, stale or dry air, and ultimately insufficient heating or cooling.

Air Comfort

Maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout your house year-round in the highest-quality, lowest-cost way is at the heart of the Skylake quality of your life approach. That comfort starts with the right products and customized comfort solutions.

  • High efficiency gas furnaces
  • High efficiency air conditioning solutions 
  • Geothermal heating and cooling
  • Custom comfort solutions

Upgraded Comfort Solutions in Orem, UT

As homeowners, we invest a lot of ourselves into our homes in terms of time, money, and effort. It’s no wonder we often see our self reflected back to us in the way our home looks and operates, and our home’s comfort system is no exception.

Utah Geothermal solutions

Clean & Purify

How to Clean Your Air

Protect yourself and your family from pollution, airborne contaminants, and odors.

Air Filters-Traps airborne particles as air circulates through your ventilation system.

  • Fiberglass filters are inexpensive, highest air-flow, disposable, must be changed often.
  • Pleated polyester filters  are inexpensive, high air flow, disposable, more effective filtration than fiberglass.
  • Electrostatic filters attracts and traps particles, and they have a longer lifespan.
  • HEPA filters have the highest filtration, can remove up to 97% of airborne contaminants, and have a longer lifespan.
  • Washable filters are reusable and increase filtration as particles build up.

Air Purifiers-Neutralize airborne contaminants or kill microorganisms.

  • Ion Generators disperse negatively-charged ions through the air that attract and neutralize airborne and surface contaminants.
  • Electrostatic Precipitators draw airborne contaminants into a chamber where they pass over a charged metal plate which neutralizes and collect the particles.
  • UV Air Purifiers use UV-C rays to destroy microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, or fungi.

Air Scrubber by Aerus-This NASA-certified space technology purifies your air and protects against airborne and surface contaminants.

  • Effective against airborne & surface contaminants such as MRSA, staph, strep, e-coli, listeria, swine flu, bird flu, Hepatitis A, norovirus, bacillus, pseudomonas, and more
  • Reduces the amount of ozone in the air
  • Proven to be effective in the International Space Station as well as homes, schools, hospitals, and other major public facilities.

Air Scrubber by Activtek Environmental


Utah's Leading Healthy Comfort Solutions

When we think of improving our health, we often look to improve the food that we eat, beverages we drink, and the medicine we take. While all of these measures are appropriate and good, we often overlook one of the most fundamental factors to health and wellness: our air quality.

A clean, comfortable environment is essential to our well-being. At Skylake Heating and Air, we’ll help you take control of your environment and improve your air quality with our healthy comfort solutions. Choose Skylake Heating and Air to install, maintain, and repair your healthy comfort solutions.

How to Freshen Your Air

Heat Recovery Ventilator-Freshen your air while retaining your home’s heat.

  • Expels stale air
  • Transfers heat from outgoing air to the fresh incoming air
  • Retains up to 85% of home’s heat
  • Lowers energy consumption and utility bills
  • Reduces workload for your heating equipment

Energy Recovery Ventilator-Enjoy fresh air and energy savings, year-round.

  • Expels stale air
  • Warms or cools incoming air near the temperature of your home.
  • Lowers energy consumption and utility bills
  • Reduces workload for your heating equipment by up to 85%

ECM/ Variable Speed Motors-Efficiently and quietly circulates air.

  • Improves airflow, temperature distribution, and humidity control
  • Provides quiet and gradual increase of speed and airflow
  • Promotes cleaner air by circulating it through filters or purifiers

Scented Vents

A scented air solution that is installed into your existing ventilation system, providing the scents you crave without the messy wax or smoke.

  • Long-lasting scent that’s not lost through evaporation
  • Evenly distributed throughout home
  • Custom setting control for scent strength & timing
  • Safe for kids, pets, and while your away from home
  • Managed from and easy-to-use mobile app
Family enjoying their comfortable home


How to Manage Humidity

Humidifiers-Restore moisture to your air and combat the effects of a dry climate.

  • Soothes dry, itchy skin, sore throats & nosebleeds
  • Reduces static electricity
  • Protects wood floors and furniture from arid Utah climate

Dehumidifiers-Pull moisture from the air to protect furniture and prevent mold.

  • Keeps you feeling fresh and dry
  • Prevents growth of mold and other microorganisms.
  • Protect  furniture and equipment from condensation and rust.

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