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Thermostat Services in Orem, UT

Skylake Heating & Air - Thermostats

Thermostats aren’t exactly imposing fixtures. If anything, they are pretty compact, and tend to fade into the background. However, this small device is actually the control center for your heating and cooling system—without it, your HVAC wouldn’t know when to turn on or off.

Today’s thermostats have gone far beyond the slide and dial thermostats of yesteryear. Modern thermostats, depending on which type you choose, can do everything from precision temperature-setting to detecting when people are returning home so they can turn up their heating or cooling. In essence, the right thermostat can give you a level of control over your HVAC system that helps you be more comfortable, allows your HVAC to perform better, and helps improve your energy efficiency.

Is it time to upgrade your home’s thermostat in Orem, UT? Then it’s time to call the HVAC experts at Skylake Heating & Air.

What Is a Wi–Fi Thermostat?

It seems that everything these days is "smart": phones, computers, even coffer makers. When it comes to your thermostat, it can be smart too. You may be surprised at just how smart it is! Using a smart thermostat, also known as a Wi–Fi thermostat, provides you with the ultimate tool to truly control your heating and cooling system. Not only can a Wi–Fi thermostat access local information about your weather and your climate from the internet, but it can learn—that’s right, it will learn your heating and cooling habits. It does this so it can start to anticipate your needs and set the programming for your HVAC system itself.

Ever get to work and realize you left your AC or heat at the highest setting? If you do this with a Wi–Fi thermostat, all you’ll have to do is pull out your smart device, open your thermostat’s app and change it. You can access your system from anywhere you can get on the internet.

These are just some of the capabilities a Wi–Fi thermostat can offer you. To find out more about how you can bring your thermostat and HVAC system into the 21st century, call the experts at Skylake Heating & Air today!

How Can a New Thermostat Help Me?

You may be thinking: it’s just a thermostat—how much can a new one really help me? Here are some reasons to consider:

The EPA estimates each degree you can save equals 3% of your costs — When using a slide or dial thermostat, you can’t precisely set a temperature. This means you can actually be off by 2—3°F, and those degrees will cost you money.

Less wear on your HVAC system — When you can program your thermostat, you typically end up running your HVAC less. This helps reduce the wear and tear on the system.

Better comfort — between precision temperature setting and having your system automatically power up or down with programming, you will find yourself in better comfort.

When you need any help with a thermostat, be it installation, repair, replacement or maintenance, call the company you can trust: Skylake Heating & Air.

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