Have you ever had a favorite car, one that was comfortable, economical, reliable, just right for you or your family? You drive it, take care of it, and it just keeps going and going. And then something breaks. It’s pretty expensive to fix, but you love the car, and it’s a lot less than a new one. So you keep driving.


Then something else breaks. This is a pretty expensive repair but still seems worth it to keep the car going. You keep driving but notice a bunch of little things starts malfunctioning. Not disastrous, but pretty annoying. Squeeks, broken handles, non-functioning electrical switches. 


You are approaching the point where the cost of repairs and the annoyance factor will soon outweigh the value of the car. But how do you know when to pull the trigger to avoid being sucked into a money pit?

Furnace A/C Money Pit

Your furnace and air conditioner function a lot like that favorite car. They just keep going, keeping you comfortable through all sorts of weather. But then something breaks (usually on the hottest or coldest day of the year!)l. Should you repair it, or are you moving into the money pit zone, putting good money into a hopeless cause?

The Money Pit Point  – 7 Keys

The money pit point depends on a number of factors specific to your own situation and preferences. However, these guidelines will help you decide when it’s best to bite the bullet and replace your units vs continue to nurse them along and end up spending a lot more in the long run.

Repair vs Replace? 7 Keys

  1. Does the system use the old R-22 Refrigerant?
  2. Is the system older than 15 years?
  3. Has the system received yearly maintenance?
  4. Can your old system keep up, does it run non stop throughout the day? 
  5. Are there hot and cold spots throughout the house?
  6. Is the furnace less than 90% efficient?
  7. Is your power bill eating you alive?

Long-Term Value and Quality of Life

Like replacing a car, upgrading an air conditioner or furnace seems expensive up-front, but if you’ve passed the money pit point, the long-run financial outcomes are always more positive. 

And don’t forget the quality of life factor. Enjoying comfortable temperatures and quality air in your home year-round that will boost the energy, health, and happiness of the entire family.

Professional Advice

We’re happy to sit down with you and review the five points and give you a no-obligation opinion of where you are on the money pit spectrum. Our technicians’ years of experience with literally thousands of customers will help you make the best financial and comfort-boosting decision for you and your budget.

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