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The Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

air-conditioning-maintenanceAir conditioning season is winding down here, as the weather cools during the fall months and we turn to our heating systems to keep our homes warm. Fall makes the perfect time to schedule air conditioning maintenance for your home: giving you a chance to reap the benefits and have your system ready to go by the time next spring rolls around. But what is maintenance and what kind of benefits does it provide your system? Read on for the answers.

What It Is

The closest approximation to a maintenance session is a tune-up for your car. Rather than correcting one specific problem the technician checks the entire system for a wide variety of problems. In the case of small issues – things that wouldn’t merit a repair call on their own, such as loose fittings or frayed wiring – the technician can fix the issue as part of the maintenance session. If signs of a more serious problem are detected, a formal repair session to deal with it can be scheduled at a later time (and can often be performed immediately after the maintenance session, provided the technician has the tools on hand).

What It Does

Maintenance sessions are designed to reduce costs, which they do in three distinct ways.

  1. Improved Efficiency. Catching all those little details during a maintenance session cuts down on wear and tear, which in turn improves the system’s efficiency. That means the system won’t cost as much to run as it would with the maintenance session. It also means that future breakdowns are less likely, since the AC’s components aren’t as worn.
  2. An Early Jump on Repairs. Speaking of breakdowns, no one wants to deal with a sudden or unexpected problem with an air conditioner. It forces you to run around, rearrange your schedule and sometimes even pay for emergency services to deal with it. Contrast that with spotting signs that such a breakdown is coming, and acting to treat it before it disrupts your air conditioner’s ability to function. Not only does it let you set a schedule that matches your timetable, but in most cases, the repairs will cost less to boot, since the damage doesn’t have as much time to spread.
  3. Longer Lifespans. Individual results may vary on this front, but if you apply maintenance sessions regularly over time, it cuts down on the overall wear and tear to the system. This not only mitigates the cost of repairs later in the air conditioner’s life, but it can extend that life well past the warranty’s expiration: by months or even years in some cases. Considering who expensive a heating system can be to replace, the additional time you get out of your existing one can save you a great deal of money.

If you haven’t had your air conditioner maintained this year, and want to make sure it’s ready to go when you need it again in the spring, call on Skylake Heating & Air immediately. Our friendly team provides quality maintenance services throughout Orem, UT.

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